Jones lumbers Abbott with Rudd’s mess

Mark Henderson writes,

Kevin Rudd turns Australia’s immigration policies and border protection into an absolute shambles and who does the ABC’s Tony Jones demand solve the problem? The Coalition.

Liberal frontbencher Tony Abbott was on Lateline last night to discuss the issue of the boatpeople in Indonesia.

Tony Jones spent no time canvassing Kevin Rudd’s failed policies, his spin and his hypocrisy.

Instead he went straight for Mr Abbott, demanding he provide the Coalition’s policy response.

As Mr Abbott pointed out, it is Rudd who has got himself into this mess and it is up to Rudd, and not the Coalition, to get himself out of it.

Every time some smart alec journalist demands the Coalition explain their policy, that is how they should answer.

If the Coalition had won the last election these events we are now seeing simply would not have happened. They had a very strong border security and immigration policy in place and the flow of boat people had stopped.

Australia was no longer a soft target and the people smugglers no longer had an attractive product to offer those seeking to get here illegally.

Tony Jones was right in a way – Kevin Rudd has a huge problem on his hands, but it is all of his own making. It is not up to Coalition spokesmen like Tony Abbott to find a solution.

There is no easy solution to the mess Rudd has created, but that is Rudd’s fault. If the Coalition was still in power this situation would not have happened so the Coalition cannot be expected to provide solutions.

But Jones wasn’t interested in having a sensible discussion with Mr Abbott. If previous form is anything to go by, Jones was out for a “gotcha” moment. He has form – witness his disgraceful treatment of Mr Abbott over his meetings with Cardinal George Pell before the 2004 election.

It is high time the ABC realised that this boat people problem is a problem for Rudd. It is not a problem for the Coalition.

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  1. xaver weissbacher says

    nothing short of a revolution can safe our way of life oops but jhonny got all ours only the imports seem to have their own as well as military grade explosives scary hey but they are innocent .holy jihaad made em do it. If australia went to war defending our land how many would turn against us in our own country answer this you stuck up brainless politically correct s***heads?

  2. Nicholas Folkes says


    We need you to attend a APP rally against Rudd and his soft stance on border protection. These boat people are not 'genuine refugees' but illegal criminals who have paid other criminals to gain illegal entry into Australia. DEPORT RUDD!

    WHEN: 12.30 – MONDAY, 16TH NOVEMBER 09



    We need to get out onto the streets and reclaim this great country. Come and join us in the resistance against evil PM Rudd.

  3. ABC Maggot Tony Jones is a race-traitor.

    In 1915 the Muslim Emirate now known as Turkey declared Jihad on Australia for no reason. Our ANZACS died in the Great War trying to end the war and return the world to peace. Even until 1945 there were never more than 1000 muslims in all of Australia.

    How is it that while our soldiers are fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan there are Afghans of military age trying to come here?. Many of them claim that that the Taliban killed their families. Isn't even that even more of a reason for them staying in Afghanistan to fight alongside our boys?. Instead they want to come here and scab education, jobs and welfare from Australians.

    It's about time some political party called for a National Referendum to Deport 500,000 muslims from Australia. If muslims are such a wonderful asset for a nation then I'm sure they will be a wonderful asset if 500,000 muslims are deported to Afghanistan.

    I don't necessarily think we should be simultaneously donating 500,000 rifle cartridges to the Taliban.

    • I've always thought it strange how we send our boys over to be killed there by terrorist's whilst the likes of Labour and Liberal bring them en-mass into Australia.
      Very scary indeed, if we kept our noses out of their countries, they would have no need to come here and comitt race hate crimes against our women etc.

  4. I see Isreal is kicking out refugees because they are destroying 'Their identity' with the huge influx of Africans who demand that they have the right to stay.
    Maybe those white bashing, ethnic loving freaks who work at the ABC can fly over to Isreal and dare call them racists for wanting to preserve their racial identity.
    Opps, sorry, that word is reserved for whites only

  5. Rudd's got a billion dollars for asylum seeker welfar junkies, but not a billion dollars for our old aged pensioners, opps i torgot, they are white, therefore not worth saving.
    I never liked Rudd, even before he became the leader of Labor, I used to watch him on the Sunrise morning show when he would spar with Joe Hockey, and I thought back then he was a nasty rabid insane left winger. But I thought to myself, thank God he'll never win no-one would be stupid enough to vote for him. Of course that was before the ABC, channel Ten, Australain 'actors' and advertisers went into a vicious attack on John Howard before the election useen before in media history. THEY are the ones responsible for this celebrity hugging, ethnic loving, apologetic white bashing mongrel getting into power in the first place. Abbot should sling this back into their faces as well.

    • Mike.

      I think I should set the record straight:

      1) That billion dollars that I think you are referring to for asylum seekers never existed. The whole story is a furphy concocted by Channel Nine. Check out last week's Media watch which dealt with the issue.

      2) As a pensioner myself I can definitely say that the Rudd Labor government has been far more generous than the Coalition ever was. Howard sure was a stingy little bastard.

      3) As a former friend of Kevin Rudd I can definitely say that he is a very nice fellow. But I admit that that was thirty years ago and people can change. Besides in politics you DO have to be tough.

      4) John Howard lost his seat because he betrayed the "Howard battlers" with his Work Choices laws. He deserved to lose.

      5) And he deserved to lose his seat too because during his eleven years of Coalition rule he managed to turn my neighbourhood, his seat of Benelong, into Chinatown. Thanks to Howard I am now living in a "foreign country". I reckon in the runup to the last election Little Johnny has never eaten so much rice!

    • continued….

      6) This article misses the point. If Abbot goes on Lateline what does Abbot think he is going to be asked about? Coalition policy, of course!! Trouble is the Coalition doesn't have a policy on asylum seekers anymore. Malcolm can't make up his mind and so no one in the Coalition knows what to say. This does not bode well for the prospects of the Coalition at the next election.

  6. And NO, I don't support the Libeals either, which is why I'm on this website, so don't accuse ME of backing Joe Hockey TonyRyan as you obviously are a Jewish hating nutbag and don't know me at all.
    Totally annoyed being attacked like that.

  7. As for media watch, they are a nasty bunch of anti-whhtie racist themselves so I don't give a damn what anyone thinks or says what I write…and if they are so 'opposed to racism' how is it they allow the media to crucify white peole and tell lies about us?

  8. And your racism towards the Jews whislt loving yr Muslim mates shows the kind of person YOU are tonyryan!
    I haven't made any comments before about YOUR insane ranting on this website…no wonder we're being taken over with pricks like you. Keep waffling on about yr 'secret' organisation that's going to 'save' us all…bit late isn't it?

  9. Let's get our facts straight;

    (1) Only one in eight refugees comes by boat. The rest fly in. Almost all fly-ins are permitted to stay.

    (2) This has been going on for at least five years, with little discernible difference between Howard's numbers and Rudd's. Howard led with Section 457 visa workers, which are the same thing but with rolling numbers.

    (3) Altogether, and we can only guess from the fudged figures, between 3.4 million and 4 million assisted invaders have commenced bashing our citizens, raping our women, repressing our culture, and stealing our land and citizen's rights.

    Inescapable conclusion: Both Howard and Rudd have been assisting in the invasion of Australia by hostile foreign cultures.

    Both are ably assisted by people who confuse the picture by introducing skin colour and their own pathetic prejudice; most of the Balkan refugees looked pretty white to me, and the genuine Aborigines are black as.

    Where I lose all patience is when people continue to play these traitor politician's games. This is not complex geopolitics. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a bloody duck, then we can safely assume it's a goddam duck, for crissakes.

    Likewise, if every politician since Gough Whitlam (Lima Agreement) has gone along with selling our resources to foreign powers and corporations, and opening the nation to invasion by foreign nationals and military forces (which all have done); yet independent surveys identify absolute majority Australian people's opposition; then the politicians are obviously working for someone else… not us.

    So, who are they working for?

    You do not have to be very bright to work out that the person who controls the entire nation's media and polling organisations would have to be one of the real owners of the politicians.

    Confronted by these now very well known realities, how can a person be so blind as to play goodies and baddies with political parties? It's a game, fellas. Tony Jones, Jenny Brock and Kerry O'Brien are willing players on this stage. They will never ask the really genuine questions; such as how many Australian workers have a job that pays a livable wage? Or how come 90% of government policies are opposed by 80% of the electorate, yet we still call this a democracy.

    Perhaps I could pop another hitherto unasked question: how many Aussies are so gutless they will not defend their own families, friends or nation? We only have months to act.

    • Tony.

      I agree with most of what you have got to say there. And yes, white skin is no guarantee of loyalty to Australia. Just look at the action of the Australian soccer team at the last world cup. Some of them couldn't bring themselves to even sing the national anthem. Their loyalties lie elsewhere. It is a disgrace that they are even in this country.

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