BNP: Question time round-up

Message from BNP chairman Nick Griffin M.E.P –

Fellow British Patriot

“The man’s got guts!” “At last, someone saying exactly what we all feel”. “The hand-picked audience in the studio hated what Nick had to say, but we loved it”. “I’ve never seen such political bullying on TV in my life.” “When he pointed out how all the others are racist against the English, we were all cheering”.

Just a few of the responses to the long-awaited BBC Question Time with Nick Griffin tonight. It was never going to be easy: Central London is the most ‘enriched’ and ‘diverse’ part of Britain, the BBC audience selection process is clearly guaranteed to ‘weed out’ politically incorrect guests, and the other panellists shared one aim: to rough up Nick Griffin.

As it is, no-one who saw Jack Straw turn ashen-faced when Nick responded to his ‘Nazi’ smear by pointing out that “my father served in the RAF during the Second World War – yours spent it in prison for refusing to fight Adolf Hitler.” Time and time again Nick gave as good as he got. Most of all though, this wasn’t a proper Question Time at all. The usual format was done away with for the first time in 30 years as the BBC over-compensated for allowing us on by setting things up for a televised lynching.

There was nothing about current affairs at all; no postal strike, nothing about the announcement that Tony Blair is about to be appointed EU President, nothing about the continued slaughter of young British soldiers in Afghanistan, nothing about the latest stages of the banking crisis and the scandal of the Government propping up corrupt banks while imposing savage cuts on essential services. On all those subjects and many more, the BNP’s nationalist position offers a real alternative to the three old internationalist parties. But the only non-BNP/immigration question was about a Daily Mail article on the death of Stephen Gately, and even that was a trap – which Chairman Nick Griffin avoided with both ease and principle.

Where does it leave the BNP? On this day alone our website has had in the region of 15 million ‘hits’ and over 2,000 new registrations for future membership before QT even started! Millions were shocked by the violence of the leftist mob sponsored by – among other MPs – Peter Hain and David Cameron.

With millions more people beginning to grasp the extent to which the three old parties are essentially the same, while the British National Party is really different. With millions of people knowing that in just a couple of killer soundbites in the middle of the programme, Nick Griffin summed up exactly how they, and all their friends and neighbours, feel about the mess that Lib-Lab-Con have made of our poor country. They will also have noted very well that Nick Griffin and Bonny Greer clearly got on well, and that Nick listened with respect and answered with consideration even hostile questions from members of ethnic minorities in the audience; the hostility tonight wasn’t from Nick towards anyone on account of their ethnicity or religion, it was from the representatives of the failed old parties towards the new kid on the block.

When the details of all the personal attacks against Nick Griffin are long forgotten, people will remember him standing up bravely to a barrage of hate to say things on behalf of the Silent Majority that have never been said on the flagship programme of British politics before. “Nick Griffin – he speaks for us”.


  1. As a dual nat. (Brit/Aus), it saddens me to hear that Australia is now having the same stupid immigration and "diversity" problems as in Britain.
    I remember the happy years I spent in Australia when it was common for a whinger to be refered back to his point of origin if he/she did not like the Australian way – quite right too.

    Is Rank-Arena still in business? I recall some woman on a TV show with the name of Franki Arina or such, bleating about her treatment. Fell off the stool laughing when some chap suggested that if Mrs Rank Arena didn't like the place, she knew what to do!


  2. Good Luck to all you In Australia .Best wishes

  3. Its good to see you guys following what's going on over here and to see that we have support from so far away.
    One thing is for sure, love us or hate us,the British National Party is now a British household topic of conversation and we are leading the way in the defence of our people.
    It has never before been so acceptable to be a British Nationalist and that has been shown in the numbers of people now getting in touch and coming along to meetings.
    The Epping Forest Branch of the BNP hosted a successful branch meeting last week with many new faces and offers to become activists and candidates. This in part is in a direct response from QT and from the good work of all the members!
    The branch is celebrating 20 years since Mark changed the name from Loughton BNP to Epping Forest BNP and what a way to celebrate, the BNP is Mainstream!
    What was started by a few is now being supported by many!
    Good luck to all you guys over there and thanks for your support.

    Paul Morris
    Epping Forest BNP

    Some local residents keep the branch news up to date on here

  4. Dave Tierney says

    It is not the BNP that the British media and politicians should be afraid of, it is the rabble who took their violent protests to the streets of London to try and stop Nick Griffin speaking on behalf of the couple of million people who voted him in to the European Parliament. These people are a threat to democracy, not the BNP or the APP. They thrive in Australia too. Remember their protests against Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party a few years ago.

  5. Good to see the Australians organising yourselves. I'v added a banner link to my BNP blog.

  6. I would like to comment on Tony Ryan's post. While he uttered some blunt home truths about Pauline Hanson and One Nation, it is important to remember that there were and are, substantial background differences between One Nation and the British National Party.
    One Nation was inspired largely by one individual and was a textbook example of the near insurmountable difficulties of trying to build a mass party organisation from scratch in a short period and developing thought out policies at the same time. It was never able to clearly define just what it stood for. The BNP was and is very different.
    When Nick Griffin took over the leadership in 1999, it had been in existance for a decade and a half, and had remained on the politcal fringe all that time. The difference between the BNP and One Nation was that by 1999 the BNP had that cadre of experienced political operators who along with Griffin, saw that the path it was on was a road to nowhere, and things had to change. It was this cadre of experienced operators who could develop considered policies that could attract and hold voters, while at the same time expanding and building a mass party organisation. A decade later the change of direction has paid off handsomely at the polling booths.
    However while Australia and Britain are culturally close, there are substantial differences; different electoral systems and vast differences in geography and demographics and if Tony Ryan is cautioning against copying the BNP too closely on account of these, he does have a good point.

  7. received a disturbing report a few days ago from a friend who’s mate is outraged that Perth school children are being forced to learn how to sing the Australian anthem in Arabic to make the Muslim kids feel more welcome.

    Also it was pointed out that many food products such as Cadbury’s now has to be Halal approved. The symbol is very faint an discreet but is now on many food packets such as cheese etc. The email also states that the (food board?) is paying Muslims to buy their food, the email also asked, what happens to that money?
    THe email sent a picture of a block of Chocolate (Cadbury’s) and there is was, faint and very discreet, I would not have noticed it if it had not been pointed out.
    They promised if allowed to live here they would never change our way of life and have done everything but.

    Maybe the APP can check on this and see what is really happening.

  8. Just cleared my cache, now it’s not showing as APP News mentioned. Looks like the server has gone read only or something.

  9. I say chaps. Before you go all British, and call for we colonials to go down the same jolly old English road, hit yourselves on the head with the nearest blunt instrument to lodge your memories back.

    We went through this in 1996.

    The day after Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech, 94% of polled Aussies supported her statements; just as they do today. As in UK, the major parties met together to destroy Hanson and One Nation.

    To our eternal shame, the vilification that followed caused most Aussies to run for cover. Nevertheless, a hard core element continue to brave ridicule and support Pauline.

    These are the biggest fools of all.

    Let’s get a few things straight before you get carried away and screw up Australia’s second chance at liberation (or our last, if you are realists).

    Pauline Hanson parroted that speech, and others. These were written by John Pasquarelli. Anything that made political or economic sense was written by Pasquarelli. When Hanson sacked Pasquarelli, that is when One Nation went down.

    The truth is, Pauline Hanson was a budding megalomaniac who rejected democracy. Within months of getting rid of Pasquarelli there were three members of One Nation… her and the two Davids. The rest of Australia was relegated to the role of mere supporters, and the NT was not even recognised.

    When WA supporters wanted policies that suited their state, they were dumped as traitors; when all they wanted was their democratic function.

    The point of this is make an Australian response 100% democratic (ie the product of electoral consensus) and we will win. Hand it all over to a leader, and you will lose it all. As Lord Acton pointed out, power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Sure, we must use the talents and resources of individual members (as the Brits should use Nick Griffen), but never hand power to them.

    This is why the equivalents in Aussie today, the Protectionist Party and the Tariff Restoration Bloc, centre on discussion by members and supporters. We have no leaders, only some members who are more visible then others; or better resourced. This is what teamwork is all about. Ever see a footy team with one player?

    Australia First has made the mistake of putting personal opinions forward as policies, creating an automatic ceiling on membership. Only those who agree will join. Policies must come from the people… hence our consensus protocols in the TRB. We actually survey the Oz electorate to find out what policies our fellow Aussies want. As a result we will go from strength to strength.

    Parties run by leaders will always fail the people, and be taken over by the powerful.

  10. Its definitely not there, I get an “You don’t have permission to access / on this server.” error.

  11. @ michael, I can see the Australia First Party site just fine using google and yahoo…

  12. Right wing politician set up by state media for public humiliation. What a shock.

  13. I see the site ‘Australia First Party’ is no longer able to be viewed through either google or yahoo…signs of things to come for this fledgeling party? I’m quite sure the media gestapo will attempt to close down this site once it has its members and becomes a federal party.
    Mr Rudd in all his viciousness will never allow a party like this to become mainstream

    • Black Knight says

      I just googled Australia First Party and had no trouble finding the website which has Graeme Campbell's picture on it. Perhaps the site was temporarily down when you tried to find it.

  14. All I can say is Nick Griffin has balls. Big hairy ones. The entire program was nothing but an attempt to vilify and crucify Nick and those he represents. I don’t care who you are or what your politics are, you have to admire Nick’s courage and strength for going through what he did. Take any one of these leftist fools and place them alone in a room full of BNP supporters and they’d have no chance of standing up as well as Nick did alone in a studio full of hostile diversity mongers.

  15. Just heard the usual hysterical anti-white reaction on the ABC over the BNP’s BBC question time.

    I repeat my question to the ABC; if an Aboriginal political party wanted to form government that favoured Aborigines (the indigenous people of this land as are the British are of theirs) would they condem the Aborigines the same hysterical and biased way they have condemed the BNP who don’t want England to become a servant to the European union, lose even more control of the borders and don’t want England to become another Islamic state?

  16. True Aussie says

    The reaction of the question time audience is largely irrelevant – they are not the ones the BNP and Griffin need to convince. They were clearly chosen for their leftist beliefs and ethnic origin, to ensure a hostile crowd for Griffin to deal with.

    All that matters is how it was interpreted in the living rooms of white British families all over the country – THEY ARE THE ONES THAT MATTER. There is no point banging heads against brick walls trying to convince people you know are never going to see sense. For every person that voted BNP in the euro elections there would have been 10 that almost did.

    The reaction around the country would have been very different from the audience.

    Britain is waking up, only time will tell if they can wake up in time.

    Hopefully Australia is not too far behind.

  17. Now let’s see if Australians can wake up to the mess Kevin Rudd has gotten into. It is terrifying to think he wants 10years in power, after all that’s all it took Tony Blair to lay the foundations of ethnic genocide for his own race of people in England.
    And we have the Aboriginal race to consider…what happens to them when we are ethnically cleansed from this country?

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