Not Evil Just Wrong – Public screenings

Not Evil Just Wrong is the film Al Gore and Hollywood don’t want you to see. It reveals the true human cost of Global Warming hysteria.

Not Evil Just Wrong shows how Global Warming alarmism and the tax increases that go along with it are going to increase costs for working families during one of the worst recessions in living memory.

Al Gore and his allies want to ban fossil fuels in the developed world. This would devastate the American economy and drive jobs to India and China.

Be part of the resistance. With your help we can bypass the barriers to distribution that Hollywood and the mainstream media put up to stop you from hearing the truth.

Be part of the premiere night by hosting a screening in your home, community center or church. Be part of the cinematic tea party movement and tell Al Gore and the elites that you are fed up with taxes and restrictions that threaten jobs across the country.

Help Us Make History!

Be Part of a World Record for the largest ever simultaneous film premiere

OCTOBER 18th 2009 8 pm EST



  1. This film probably is the same old right wing crap that we get out of America, the country which is most responsible for Global Warming. I don't care how many hokey American scientists line up to tel me that Global Warming is not happening, I am not going to believe them until our own Aussie CSIRO scientists are going to change their tune and agree with them.

  2. Why no Western Australia viewing?

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