Tough on illegals? Who’s he trying to kid?

Mark Henderson writes

Kevin Rudd unwinds the Howard Government’s tough but highly successful measures against boat people and almost two thousand illegal immigrants find their way onto Australian territory.

Afghan boat people rescued from a vessel which police believe was deliberately set on fire—resulting in five deaths—get residency.

Criminal people smuggling gangs reportedly have thousands of new customers lining up for entry to Australia.

Yet somehow Rudd is able to get away with promoting himself as being tough on illegal immigrants – saying “The Australian government makes no apologies whatsoever for deploying the most hardline measures necessary to deal with problems of illegal immigration into Australia.”

What a joke.

The “most hardline measures” involves nothing more than a phone call to the Indonesian president.

Rudd is not prepared to make the really hard decisions the Howard Government took, decisions that made it deeply unpopular with large sections of the media and the elite commentariat, but decisions that actually stopped the flow of illegal immigrants and stopped the tragic loss of life at sea.

The man is a joke and many in the media are his stooges.

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  2. Michael is right. can some of you guys become fans of this site, on Facebook?

  3. There are lots of people who don’t know about this party and the fact that one can air one’s frustration out in public without it being censored by the race gestapo who run the media.

    I have advertised twice now this party’s website on the yahoo comment section that is sometimes under topics of interest.

    There are a lot of young Australains who are not happy with what is happening despite being brainwashed by the far left who run our education departments. You are missing out on a lot of members and votes by not advertising this site on other webistes.

  4. Dave Tierney says

    I think Kevin Rudd should listen to Wilson Tuckey’s comments on illegal immigrants and terrorists. They make far more sense than his waffle on the subject..

  5. With the highest respect, Mark, you are presuming Rudd seriously wants to delimit the refugee flow, and you are also presuming the media are part of the audience.

    First, in Australia, the media works for Rupert Murdoch, regardless of who actually pays their wages. Consequently, The Age, ABC and SBS all dance to Murdoch’s tune. Remember The Age being forced to retract its criticism of the murder of 400 children on Gaza? The editor had Murdoch’s fingerprint on his forehead. Murdoch is a committed Zionist and enforces the Zionist line rigidly.

    Moreover, his close colleagues the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, et al, are the drivers of the wars that create the refugees in the first place. Refugees vacate land required for oil and gas pipelines, and by flooding the nations they escape to they dilute the host culture and thereby reduce demand for national sovereignty, which in turn makes imposition of one world government that much easier.

    But there are always parallel outcomes to the globalist’s nifty handiwork. The most violent refugees receive extra assistance, both en route, and to help them force a barbed entry into the victim nation. This is the function of refugee councils and lobbies. Violent refugees help raise fear levels in the community, making it easier to suspend civil rights in order to ‘firmly deal with lawless elements’. Ever wonder why governments cheerfully twiddled their thumbs for three decades before noticing armed bikie gangs? Pretty soon, in response to ‘public demand that decisive action be taken to protect Australian women and children’, you will see soldiers with guns on the streets.

    These will also be used to neutralise outraged citizen protestors, by then re-titled violent and ‘terrorists’.

    You will also have noticed that Rudd has suddenly taken to making tough statements in empathy with electoral anger, whilst actually doing the opposite. Sometimes he doesn’t actually make the statement. it is merely purported that he did; spuriously. This fools enough people to justify such propaganda and it is gloriously deniable.

    Make no mistake; Rupert Murdoch plays symphony Australia and the media are his orchestra. Rudd may look like the conductor but if you get close enough you can see the tell-tale lines on his puppet mouth.

  6. Sir

    I called the PM’s office 3 days ago, and asked the receptionist “is the PM Rudd a Muslim?” , with his due diligence to the Islamic community, and the illegals, most of whom are muslim..

    After a long silence, the receptionist said she would make some enquirys with the media.

    Alan Webb

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