Rudd government treat Diggers like illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants are treated like royalty

Reported in The Australian 1 comes the disgraceful story of wounded Australian soldiers being treated by the Rudd government like anonymous objects of shame rather then being treated with the dignity and respect they deserve:

One Afghanistan veteran, in his early 20s, is in a private hospital in NSW. He has lost both his legs. The doctors and nurses treating him are sworn to secrecy. Were someone to ring the hospital’s reception, asking for him by his real name, he would not exist.

These men have made great sacrifices in their service to this country and deserve to be treated as such, not hidden away and treated like second class citizens. This shameful treatment of returned servicemen isn’t exactly new. In the midst of the second world war, Billy Sing2 died alone in a boarding house 1943. During the Gallipoli campaign he earned the nickname “The Assassin of Gallipoli” ‘ because of his sharp-shooting kills and was highly decorated, but like countless other servicemen was ignored and forgotten by the Establishment.

The outrage doesn’t end with the shameful way our government treats our servicemen, the government also treat their wives and children with the same disdain and disregard. No sooner had Sergeant Brett Till been laid to rest when the Defense department withdrew his pay and instead gave his pregnant wife and two children a measly $305 a week3. This is roughly equivalent to a single parents pension and is a disgrace to the memory of those servicemen and their families who made the greatest sacrifice possible in the service of their country.

While officials were preparing to turf the heavily pregnant Breeanna Till out her Defence dept. housing a mere six months4 after the death of Sgt Till, the Rudd government is now going to turn two disused Defence force bases4, HMAS Coonawarry and the Curtin RAAF base into hotels for illegal immigrants at enormous expense to the Australian people. The Rudd government should be utterly ashamed at its ill treatment of our servicemen, but they are not ashamed unless its about not being able to accommodate enough illegal immigrants in grand enough style.

Those parliamentary cowards have no hesitation at giving themselves pay rises and obscene retirement benefits for their “service” for the country while they treat our diggers and their families, who really have served this country, in the most shameful way. Our servicemen and their families deserve far,far better than this and a Protectionist government would ensure they receive the level of support the Australian people would expect them to receive.

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  1. Well said shockadelic.

    While doing some surveys a couple of years ago I had chance encounters with retired soldiers and I was quite surprised to discover that these guys also firmly believed that we should only be defending Australia’s shores. But young people on the ANZACs discussion site tended to think we should be part of the US ‘war against terror’, in case we too are invaded.

    I got the impression that no one in the younger age group has asked themselves just who will invade us? The more obvious candidates… China, India and the US itself… don’t appear to be in the forefront of consciousness.

    Yet at the intel level, the recent white paper reveals widespread disagreement over the identity of potential enemies. Many, wisely I think, do not trust China.

    I don’t trust any of them.

    But back to your point about the families of soldiers, you are right. There should be a written contract that ensures that families are well looked after. After national redemption I shall write one. 🙂

  2. One problem here is the classification of personnel as individuals only. When the individual dies, the ADF considers their responsibilities finished, regardless of spouses and children left behind. When personnel have families or dependants, there should be some official contractual obligation to them too, not just the individual soldier.
    Regarding the Faux World War (Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, anywhere else that gets in Uncle Sam’s way), personnel should be able to decline involvement without punishment. The *only* military action our soldiers should be *obligated* to do is defence of Australian territory itself. Anywhere else should be optional.

  3. Why is anyone shocked?

    Australia’s armed force personnel, and the public, need to reconcile themselves to the reality that they are not defending the people of Australia; they are serving politicians in the furtherance of their grubby careers. Moreover, these are politicians who are actively betraying their country to foreign powers.

    These same politicians intend to turn these same armed forces against the Australian people when we inevitably demand an end to the sell-out of jobs and resources, the insane ETS, genocidal flu vaccines, codex alimentarius, and flooding the nation with rape and violence-crazy refugees.

    All Australians need to stop and think: why were our men and women sent to kill or die in Iraq when our politicians knew damn well there were no WMD, and that the US happily supported much worse dictators than Hussain. They knew the invasion was illegal and that the real reasons were: (1) Israel’s demand; (2) Preventing Saddam from launching an oil bourse that would trade in euros and yen; (3) oil.

    How was this defending the Australian people?

    Then there was Afghanistan. Hard evidence suggest Osama bin Laden was already dead of renal failure three hours before 9/11. The CIA, who trained the Mujahadeen which became al Qaeda, knew this. Furthermore, the Taliban said that if bin Laden were still alive they would capture him so he could stand trial in the International Criminal Court.

    The US flatly refused the offer. Obviously, the capture of bin Laden would remove the only pretext for being in Afghanistan.

    So why were we there?

    (1) To secure the oil and gas pipeline from the Caspian through Pakistan, and to the Indian Ocean ports; (2) So the CIA could re-establish its heroin operations, which the Taliban had closed down as forbidden by the Qoran.

    As naive Australian ‘defence’ force personnel, acting in good faith participated in these criminal activities, they never at any time had a prospect of being treated fairly themselves.

    I have a message for our Aussies in uniform; contact the US ‘Vets Against War’ and ask them how many died in action in the Gulf War, and how many have died since they returned; and why and how. Also, how many spouses have died and how many of their children have been born with missing limbs and partial heads.

    Perhaps then you guys will give some thought to genuinely defending your families and fellow countrymen, as we struggle to reclaim democracy, national sovereignty, and the prosperity national control of our resources can easily sustain.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us should e-mail our federal politicians and demand our returned service people be treated properly.

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