Come on down! The party is in Australia.

Another day, another boat load of illegal immigrants1. Just prior to the last federal election, Rudd made some tough sounding statements in regards to illegal boat people saying he would ‘turn them back.’ –

“You’d turn them back. You cannot have anything that is orderly if you allow people who do not have a lawful visa in this country to roam free,” he said.

Those words ring rather hollow when it was reported in The Australian2 that the government was going to move some illegals from Christmas Island onto the mainland with visas. Taxpayers had to fork out to pay for a chartered flight to Melbourne and will also bear the cost of the accomodation – all granted to people who are illegal immigrants. A similar expense was borne by the taxpayer in relation to the vessel that was set alight by illegal immigrants (a common tactic to force Navy personal to ‘rescue’ them) on Ashmore Reef. The injured were flown to the mainland and transported in a fleet of ambulances to various hospitals around Perth, meanwhile Australian women are forced to give birth by the sides of roads because the government cannot afford to keep hospitals or maternity wards staffed and operational.

The Rudd government (with the help of the Liberal party) has substantially weakened the deterrents by ending the system whereby illegals are charged for the cost of their detention3, costs that often run into hundreds of thousands of dollars – again another impost the Australian taxpayer is expected to wear. The result of Rudd practically rolling out the red carpet has meant that a total of 324 boat loads of illegal immigrants totaling around 1,300 people have arrived since the Rudd government has been elected.

The cost of Rudd’s soft touch on illegal immigration is not only costing Australians as taxpayers, but will cost future generations of Australians in terms of the erosion of their culture and social cohesion. Don’t think that because there are only a few hundred coming illegally by boat that it’s not a big deal. It is a big deal because 99% of those illegals are males who once they achieve residency in Australia will be wanting to bring the rest of their tribes over as well. So a few hundred illegals can easily become thousands.

It’s ironic that the multiculturalists rant about the 26th of January being ‘invasion day’ when the truth is that everyday is invasion day in Australia.

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  1. thierry keillor says

    fair comment regarding the retort “already too late”, but in view of recent terrorist threats against germany and what will be ultimately a capitulation there, and equally the muslim terrorist in melbourne who will most likely have a sentence reversed on appeal, and with the increasing liklihood that muslim’s will have calls for prayer in australia within 5 years, and that their birth rates are now astronomically high, and that muslim children are not sent to state schools but instead have private schooling which tax payers support, and that passports for everyone are strictly administered to not allow headwear “except for muslims” (and sikhs in this case), perhaps it is reason to suggest that it is too late.

    of course if it is not too late then a very effective plan has to be administered that puts australians working with australians and not a situation that is visibly apparent all over sydney and melbourne and that situation is “batting for the other team”.

    children of australian families are now deeply culturally alienated in many suburbs of both those cities and the disproportionate media access to islam’s growth would have those children clearly belieeving that this situation of appeasement at all costs is the ‘australian way’.

    if it is not too late, then there needs to be something effectively aired and implemented to show australian’s that there is a plan.

    re the ‘ministrations of the socialist left perhaps nicholas you’re right, but then as one looks around the world and sees a new order approaching, is it any wonder why phrases such as “too late” or “all over red rover” would seemingly appear in utterance more often.

    sincerely hope you’re right that it’s not ‘too late’.

  2. Nicholas Folkes says

    Stephen Thierry, “my concern having just returned after 10 years out of australia is that is far too late. that the rudd campaign and the islamifcation of australia have already taken place.”……..wrong attitude mate, it is never too late. This is the sot of defeatist attitude the Socialist left want to chain us to. There is no doubt that Liberal and Labor have both sold us out but the APP is gaining memberships to be registered soon. There is hope in the form of being pro-active with the APP.

  3. Plenty of room at Camden. Plenty of land. Let the people of Camden become like people in the Eastern Suburbs we do not discriminate. They can then build the school. The churches have plenty of money and there is plenty of land at Camden so the churches can start donating now.

  4. The churcies, “soft in the headers”,are also to blame.These”do gooders ” for Sud’s and other blacks from Africa do not want a c.i.r. on the issue of them coming into Australia.

    Australians have no rights at all concerning who the party in power brings in here!! Therefore if we as white and aboriginal australians dont vote these mongrels out of office, it can and most probably will, turn into civil war sometime in Australia’s future.
    And we all know which side the police and armed forces will be on ……Yep, you guessed it,the same side they were on when they murdered our ancestors at the EUREKA STOCKADE!!!
    And we still have not received our apology yet.

  5. my concern having just returned after 10 years out of australia is that is far too late. that the rudd campaign and the islamifcation of australia have already taken place.
    the other great concern is that in sydney you can see on every street corner and every pavement nothing but an asian visage. i’ve lived in china for over 10 years and as great is your concern that islam will engulf this country it must be understood that after ruining their own country chinese “migrants” have every intent on doing it here in australia and are being heavily sponsored by the beijing communist regime just as they are in china with the ‘han population’ being engineered to control vast tracts of land both there and here. (you might refresh your memories with unabated sales of waterview properties to wealthy chinese industrialists).

    the nation is in it’s greatest peril and from my angle i see the dying white race all too consumed with four wheel drives and cell phones alongside walking pets and double dinking into the work force.

    who is going to stand up to the imported occupation of australia? why do i not see anything from this party, or from that party or from anyone? is anyone concerned or is it now a ‘given’ that australia is to be carved up amongst indians chinese and muslims and that all white people are now only to be known as white trash?

    you’ll pardon here because there seems to be very little being done about anything and rudd’s regime are just as authoritarian as is any other dictatorship…and one only has to look at the former liberal leader nelson signing on for his swill yesterday to know that there is no political opposition or stomach for any such fight at this time…..

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