50 year migration plan – no vision for our future

Reported recently in the Sydney Morning Herald (1), immigration officials are busy putting together a ‘rounded and visionary’ approach to Australia’s migration system. Andrew Metcalfe, Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship stated at an Australian and New Zealand school of government conference that Australia must move away from the tradition ‘Dept. of Immigration’ approach to immigration and instead build a 50 year ‘visionary’ migration framework.

This new plan is being developed to take into consideration such things as climate change, water availability, security and labour demands. The one thing his plan lacks is a vision of Australia’s national identity. There is nothing in this plan that takes into consideration the preservation of the Australian identity. The political Establishment do not view Australia as a nation – as Australians having an identity, rather they view Australia as an economic entity and its population mere units of production.

Given that the 30th boat load of invaders (2) was intercepted recently, that is 30 boat loads since the Rudd government has taken office, the 50 year plan as reported appears strangely silent on the issue of illegal immigration. If the Rudd government continues to go soft on immigration, the eventual identity of Australia will become indistinct and meaningless. Here’s something to think about: Do you remember during the Beijing Olympics seeing anybody representing China who wasn’t ethnically Chinese? If they can keep their identity, why can’t we?

  1. Immigration plan brings Australia’s needs to the fore, Sydney Morning Herald, 4 September 2009

  2. Boat of suspected asylum seekers intercepted, Daily Telegraph, 12 September 2009


  1. thierry keillor says

    the issues of high density living, aged pensions and a fear of a government being able to raise enough money for providing public services is and are now underpinning this ‘prophecy’ of 40 million australians in a remarkably short time. the fact that the ethnic mix and constituent members of this society are being created in a model the world has never seen before matters incredibly little to the current ‘junta’ in australian leadership.

    migration and massive population growth, both engineered by the government comes as a direct kick back to the major developers of this nation who are bankrolling whatever government or political party they can to achieve over generous acceptance of the ‘an apartment block on every available square inch of land’.

    sydney is almost at a standstill cf 10 to 15 years back with respect transport in the city. why? high density living and the fueling of this by asians who have no understanding of living in the australian way i.e. houses rather than apartments. the concept of asians cuts both north asia south east asia and sub continental south asia.

    the region alongside islamic middle east and african nations knows no constraint to population growth and indeed is being openly sponsored by rudd’s insane policy of offering generous grants to the parents of new born children. as if indians chinese and muslims needed inducements to populate.

    from a chinese perspective from where i might be better placed to make a comment most every chinese (and right now there are 1.7 billion chinese…not 1.3 billion that australian journalists are gagged into reporting) has an intention of landing in australia simply to have 2-5 children and so ‘defy’ the one child policy. ironic that pc organizations here blast the chinese govt’s attempt to rein in population, though the policy is
    a) clearly not working and
    b) is in reality a defunct policy, thus rendering china at the same level as india…out of control with respect population.

    of even greater irony is that the australian govt rewards the selfishness of asia by saying…’oh, overdone your quota no problem …look fly here or boat here…either way and better still come as a refugee because it will increase your chances and within…2 years you’ll be high on hog getting a lazy grant of thousands for every little ‘bub’.

    the shocking reality of this is that australia has no defence whatsoever against the intense pressure of the 3 regions mentioned before and the unprecedented desire of population growth from within these regions.

    the only way of reversing such a trend is a clear and strong and unequivocal message to nations that stand along the way for human trafficking into australia…ie pakistan, india malaysia and indonesia. at the same time the policy of deportation needs to be invoked to make sure that the migrants who truly meet australia’s needs are given the opportunity to arrive as needed..but not and i repeat but not as an industry stereotype such as “all accountants being chinese by 2015 for example. (you might like to check university enrollments into accounting courses by chinese and equally you might like to check new hirings amongst all australian companies within the last 4 years.

    the desire for changing the face of australia presently displayed by the rudd junta is a damaging affair in it’s own right, but to risk the lives of all australians into eternal cultural conflict when all cultures arriving here clearly have their own stable governments can only be seen in the light of kick backs from private consortiums to fund a regime that has antecedents in darker chapters of history. to kowtow to multinational companies and the insatiable desire for enriching the state coffers has as a by product the ruination of the lucky country and the triggering of a descent into ‘asian mayhem’ the like of which australian’s have never seen before, but sadly will have inevitably to live with.

  2. When a women goes over to Iran or one of these Muslim countries they are expected to where a Burka (sorry can’t spell) and yet these people come over here and dont even try to assimilate.

    I won’t bury my head beneath the sand and say that we have no immigration policy, but we desperatly need to look at our immigration policy and scale it back. We are in the worst drought many of us have seen and we don’t have enough water for ourselves, so why are we bringing in more immigrants.

  3. Shockadelic says

    How about no immigration for the next 50 years?

  4. I totally agree with the comments of Dave Tierney.Although it seems politically incorrect to say so,I would like to add that,in the case of Muslims,there is absolutely no chance of short or long term assimilation!What is the point of telling a people that they must assimilate when they have absolutely no intention of so doing from day one.When will our governments come to terms with this reality and stop pussyfooting around.The average taxpayer I believe understands that essentially this is a reality,together with a basic sense that the only reason we have not had major trouble here,is that.The numbers are not yet achieved!However with our governments generous baby bonus,together with a tendency from observation for muslims to have very large families.You do not have to be a mathematical genius to realise that,it will not be very long at all,before the desired balance is created.It has not gone past me either.That the great majority of illegal immigration stems from muslim countries!

  5. Dave Tierney says

    Who are these faceless, non-elected officals who decide our immigration policy? Are they so isolated from the real world that they cannot see the damage to our society that is being done by their previous policies. Whether they believe it or not, the major religions, Christianity and Islam do not meld together and we will never have a stable, unified nation while we are being forced to accept more Muslims into Australia. The policy of Multiculturalism should be scrapped as soon as possible and all new arrivals told, that in the interests of a unified Australia, they should assimilate into our culture rather than form their own little sub-groups complete with lifestyles they left their own country to escape from.

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