Political persecution by Multiculturalists

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In an event that tells us what life is like under undemocratic regimes, a young female member of an on-line anti-immigration group has been targeted by the media due to her views on immigration. Terrie-Anne Verney, who was an administrator of a Facebook group, has been sacked from the Griffith Community FM Association and has received threats from Third World migrants.

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and its “technology reporter” Asher Moses were no doubt well aware that there would likely be negative consequences for Terrie-Anne when they targeted her by contacting her employer (a multiculturalist radio station) to “discuss” her politics. The Sydney Morning Herald has long been a propaganda organ for political multiculturalism.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s actions against young Terrie-Anne were a blatant example of political persecution by pushers of Political Correctness. We should remember this sort of treatment is normally reserved just for white people and that it is an insipid form of anti-Australian racism. Political Correctness is not an abstract notion, but is an ideology based upon ruthless suppression of individuals, banning dissenting views and silencing freedom of speech.

Asher Moses is allegedly connected with the FightDemBack organisation, a shadowy hate-filled multiculturalist group which specialises in targeting and attacking opponents of multiculturalism. It has been a tactic of some FightDemBack supporters to harass people at their place of work, in order that they lose their jobs. Political multiculturalism has more than its fair share of such nasty low-lifes, steeped in anti-Australian racism and anti-Western hatred, many of whom can only be described as proto-terrorists.

One only has to remember the hatred and violence directed at Pauline Hanson and her supporters by multiculturalist activists to recognise the true nature of such people, those who would harass and bash elderly men and women. Blockading people from attending meetings is not a case of demonstrating opposition, but of actively undermining people’s right to participate in democracy; this was done, not only to Hanson’s people, but also to those attending the G-20 summit and even to cabinet minister Tony Abbot at Mebourne University. Whilst we may oppose the views of the latter, we uphold their right to free speech, a concept that is an abomination to many multiculturalists as they pursue their goal of destroying the future of Western nations across the world.

Political multiculturalism, like the communist and fascist ideologies from which it draws inspiration, has imposed so-called “racial vilification” laws upon Australia to jail or fine their political opponents for expressing free speech on immigration and racial issues. What’s next? Smashing windows and putting people in concentration camps? It should be remembered that traditional Australia never outlawed opposition to its immigration policies; in fact, we were one of the most advanced democracies in the world. Unlike fascist multiculturalism, Australian Protectionists draw inspiration from Australia’s democratic foundations.

Australian Protectionists have commenced passing around the hat around to raise money to support Terrie-Anne Verney, as a constructive way of helping her for being persecuted for her political beliefs. This is a practical example of Aussies helping Aussies, not just watching from the sidelines. Donations can be made by sending a money order or cheque made out to “Darrin Hodges” (the Terrie-Anne fund organiser) at P.O. Box 1281, Sutherland, NSW 1499 (or to the PayPal account: darrin.hodges@gmail.com) by 16 July 2009, with funds raised to be sent to Terrie-Anne on the 17 July 2009.

Support Terrie-Anne by donating and help fight political persecution.

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  1. John Woodson says

    I bet Megan is one of those Left Footers that celebrate
    Hitlers Birthday. The Left Footer Nazis that enjoyed
    killing off Protestants, Lutherans, Orthodox Russians
    and WASPS!!

  2. John Woodson says

    Obviously the truth upsets the likes of Megan.
    Sorry Megan, live in your idealism world and
    we will live in the world of realism!!

    The word “racism” was pushed by the
    extreme Lefties to silence us. We will continue
    our free speech!! That my Grandfather fought
    and died for!! Megan, you enjoy Aussie at the
    expense of my Family. What about a stint in the
    army in Afghanistan!! Now I would like to see
    that hateful Megan. The Afghanistan war was
    created by the Loony Left, just like Vietnam was.
    Our Beautiful Boys were set-up by your anti-
    white racist bastards!! Megan, is an anti-white

  3. Bet the ones saying this is a racist site, are those who do not simulate to our way of life.

    To you go get a life, and let us Aussie’s have ours back.

  4. Jason West says

    Terrie-Anns treatment by the pushers of the Multi-Cult has been disgraceful.We who are the Resistance here in Griffith will continue to suppot Tez to the hilt!!

  5. Nicholas Folkes says

    I agree with your sentiment about Megan’s brain being thicker than a brick wall.

    Megan is another typical vile racist anti-Australian left wing Marxist. Give me your hand Meg and I will pull you into the real world – you are the loser.

    MegMultuculturalist said, “easygoing and accepting australian culture is”……….Australians are easy going in fact so much so that their nation is being bled dry by foreigners and Meg wants us to continue to roll over and get shafted.

    Meg in future go and sprout your racist remarks to the Socilaist Alliance or some basket weaver. People like you make me sick, I’m really disgusting with your brain dead racist comments. Go and grow a brain.

  6. The “most racist horrible website” megan? You mean to much truth for your brainwashed mind to handle. Is this type of multiculti terrorism and persecution part of our “easygoing and accepting” culture you speak of? You gotta like the “anti-racists” hypocrisy. We’ll have a better chance of getting some sense through a brick wall then your head(s). God help us all.

  7. this is the most racist horrible website i have ever had the misfortune to stumble across when searching for info on how easygoing and accepting australian culture is. shame on you

  8. We need to defend both our culture and race (both of which create our ethnicity).

    I believe Australia’s culture is one of the best in the world and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

    If Asian and other Third World immigration continues in the way Liberal and Labor have been pushing it (since at least the 1970s) then this country will end up looking like Hong Kong or Mexico.

    50 million Asians eating meat pies, drinking Fosters and going to the footy is not Australia. It’s not only about culture, it’s about the survival of our people too.

  9. I share Terrie-Anne’s concern with multiculturalism and the rising number of new arrivals, illegal and legal, who are not prepared to demonstrate a full commitment to this country’s secular, liberal and progressive culture. Our democratic institutions and values will be undermined in no time if immigration policy is weakened and we continue to accept people who are intent on establishing foreign enclaves in Australia rather than integrating into the mainstream Anglo-Australian culture. One only needs to look to Britain and Europe to see Australia’s multicultural future if a virtual open door policy on immigration is imposed on us by mainstream politicians. However, the use of intemperate language will not win many supporters and only play into the hands of multiculturalists who dominate the media and the corridors of government. Many Australians, in the privacy of their own homes will express similar misgivings and concerns but wouldn’t dream of doing so publicly. The most obvious and simplistic response of the commentariat is accuse concerned Australians of being racist. As far as I’m concerned this isn’t about race, it is about ethnicity. I am no racist but I am ethnocentric. I freely admit to being a cultural chauvinist because I believe in the superiority of this culture. In terms of the capacity for scientific, social and economic progress, the liberal, secular way of life in this country and others like it, has no rivals and the cultural relativism of the multicultural lobby is a direct threat to it. Using racist language will not win votes for the APP or any other alternative parties which are opposed to seeing Australia owned and occupied by aliens.

  10. Nicholas Folkes says

    To Stewart Parkinson,

    “The typical mainstream non active voters be not be be drawn to a party that supports extreme, racist, bad mouthed , ugly behaviour “……….APP is not a racist political party but a group of proud and pro Australians who want to protect their nation and culture against the evils of globalisation, is that racist?

    Labor. Liberal and the Greens are the racists. They are against the Australian people and write legislation that is against the wsihes of the elctorate, they do not have a mandate to fill our nation with third world migrants and trouble.

    Open your eyes as the real racists are probaly closer to your opinion than APP.

  11. Sally Woods says

    I support Terrie-Anne!!


    There is an APP policy issue here in regard to supporting activity of this nature.
    If the APP wants to have real influence on the direction taken by this country on immigration policy , then the disquiet that exists in society over this issue needs to be converted into political representation. This requires enough voters to be pursuaded to vote for the APP. If this does not occur then it is all just hot air and powerless bleating from the sidelines .
    The typical mainstream non active voters be not be be drawn to a party that supports extreme, racist, bad mouthed , ugly behaviour .
    Better and more effective would be to keep a distance from any such sentiment yet acknowledge the groundswell that underpins it.

  13. Vic Zurek says

    We need to understand that all major media in Australia is controlled by government, who hand out the licenses, and spend hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising each year. It is a very subtle control of a very concentrated media ownership. Nationwide it’s only about 7 people controlling all the major media, so it’s so easy.
    We don’t, and never had freedom of speech, but it’s done in such a way that we feel we do. It starts in our sheeple producing schools, and continues throughout our lives via the media. Journalists dare not risk careers by questioning it, the old blacklist is still healthy. How easy is it to control the public, when one controls the drug of the masses, Television. They would love to control the internet as well, along with other new technology in communication.
    The control of how we think is so great in Australia, we may have to look to the BNP in Britain, to fight for our AUSTRALIAN rights to freedom of expression and speech.
    I may not agree with evrything Terri-Anne says, but she has the right to express her opinion without political interference. SMH is no more that a political tool, like the rest of the media.

  14. Well done to the APP and Darrin Hodges for supporting Terrie-Anne.

    Good on you, Terrie-Anne!
    Don’t let the multicultural bullies get you down.
    Hang in there and stay strong.
    You are supported by all true Aussies!!!

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