Are you prepared for the challenge?

The “challenge” was set forth by the Rudd government when it said in a recent newspaper article [1] that “There’s no end in sight when it comes to asylum seekers”. Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans said that it will be a “challenge” to keep pace with the expected influx of illegal immigrants.

This comes on the back of a story reported on the same day [2] that a boat with 194 people (almost all men) was intercepted off Christmas Island. So far this year 711 illegals have arrived at our doorstep and the bulk of those after the softening of the detention regime by the Rudd government. This latest large boat load also puts paid to the pro-illegal immigration proponent’s mantra that we don’t need to worry about only a ‘few hundred’ illegals arriving by boat per year. What will be next, a cruise liner? The real cost is hidden by the numbers, because the illegals are always almost all men who once they attain Australian residency will seek to import the rest of their relatives. A few hundred can easily become a few thousand!

On 24th June it was reported [3] that Senators Steve Fielding and Nick Xenophon were to vote with the government on a bill that would see the abolition of detention debts for refugees and waive outstanding debts leaving the Australian taxpayer $9 million out of pocket.

Given that it was reported in The Australian [4] newspaper that processing costs about $38,000 per illegal immigrant, the latest arrival of 194 will set the Australian taxpayer back about $7 million. On top of those costs are the ongoing costs of the Australian refugee industry and the high social costs Australians must pay in terms of increased violence and serious crime.

The further weakening of our laws on illegal immigration will become an unbearable burden on hard working Australians and will jeopardise our security. The Australian Protectionist Party demands that the federal government takes a more pro-active and responsible approach to stopping illegal immigration instead of just rolling out the red carpet. Australians should not have to meet the “challenge” of funding illegal immigration at the expense of their own future.

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  1. Great more parasites using up our limited resources and getting a free ride. They barely speak any English, have no skills and are good for nothing but receiving centrelink, housing, services etc. But it's okay just let them in i'm sure they'll mix great with the Australian community just like the lebs, afghans, vietnamese etc. all have.

  2. My area has changed so much in just two years here in Victoria Park Perth, really depressing. All I see now is burka's Africans, and Muslims and they are becoming VERY aggressive as their numbers build up. Got given the finger by two Muslim women who laughed at me as they passed, I was the only white person walking down the street.
    I guess Mr Rudd want to exterminate the white race for faster breeding slaves so he can remain in power for his '10 year term'
    It only took ten years for Tony Blair to totally decimate his own race and obviously Rudd is on the same mental line as that mongrel.
    Saw an article in a woman's magazine recently on his mulitmilionarie wife someone had left on the staff table at work. Made me want to vomit the way in the gushing tone the mag praised his humanity whilst Mrs Rudd gushed on how rich she was.
    They should all be made to live in Lambaka, children included and be forced to catch public transport. Let the Rudd's worry with fear every time one of THEIR kids doesn't come home when supposed to.
    F-ing traitors

  3. Another boatload of illegal immigrants means another boatload of labour voters…”Remember who allowed you jump the que into paradise wont you mohammad, there’s a good fellow” ..and don’t forget to drop into centrelink in the morning but don’t go too early in case you get caught among us infidels who go to work to pay for your future life of leasure, crime and endless breeding….remember now,its spelt L-A-B-O-U-R.

  4. John Woodson says


    THIS SCAM!! NOW!!!

  5. John Woodson says

    This letter was published in our newspaper.

    I Quote “The latest asylum-seekers intercepted
    are just another load of bludging no-hopers
    who come to our country for a free ride while
    hard-working Aussie struggle to make ends
    meet. I can’t stand the thought of supporting
    one of these low-life boat people using my
    I AGREE!!! I have written to Wayne Swann
    and Tony Abbott to let them know, I will keep
    working until I am 70 years old to keep these
    dole bludgers. I know a Family from El Salvador
    who came here as part of the Refugeeism
    Industry. As soon as the old couple received
    citizenship they went back to El Salvador with
    the help of our old-age-pension. They have
    not worked ONE DAY IN THIS COUNTRY.
    I don’t like being SET-UP by the Labor and
    Liberal Parties to keep working to keep
    these people. This is a BIG SCAM!!!

  6. Nicholas Folkes says

    It is disgusting that Evans and Rudd want to facilitate these bogus refugees in Australia with full costs being paid by the white Australian taxpayer yet again. If Labor seriously wanted to stop boat people they would enact strong and decisive laws but instead hey have abolished the detention laws. Labor, Liberal and the Greens are all against Australian sovereignty, only the APP will formulate good Govt. policies to protect this nation from racist third world troublemakers.

  7. Sandy White says

    I have just read in today’s newspaper that there is another
    boat of asylum seekers that have arrived from another
    third world country. Senator Chris Evans will be so excited
    more tax payers money given out to Refugeeism!!
    He doesn’t like money going towards Aussies.

    How did this Parasite get Aussie citizenship?
    When our Fathers were fighting in the Battle for
    Australia. Where was his Father?

  8. Sandy White says

    Senator Chris Evans was not even born in Australia.
    His family have enjoyed the benefits of living in Oz
    and his Father is still alive and enjoys a drink at the
    pub. Why has the Evan’s Family never put anything
    back into Australia

  9. Sally Woods says

    It is time that we started to really change
    both the Labor and Liberal Parties over
    forcing us to take these very violent
    Third Worlders

  10. SusanMKonwles says

    We should be serving the Communist Labor Party with a writ?
    They have defiled our Australian Constitution for their very own “ideology” WITHOUT
    THE CONSENT OF THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE. They are raping our country for
    their own gain!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  11. I would just like to say thanks to the Australian Immigration dept and its job well done in deciding that what we really need in this country are more Lebanese.

    Now let’s look at this for a moment…. they steal our cars, break into our homes, bash our elderly, rape our sisters and daughters, call us Skippy Filth…. but hey! They make great bloody Kebabs!


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