Destiny magazine, issue 6

Issue Six includes:

  • Globalisation – At what price?
  • Are our politicians aiming for an Asian future?
  • Success can be achieved
  • The Australian idea
  • The Howard years from a nationalist perspective
  • A social co-operative movement for Nationalists
  • On the Path to Nowhere (a review of the movie Pathfinder: The Legend of the Ghost Warrior)
  • Red tape by the roll
  • The wise dog on the tuckerbox
  • The Best from the West (an interview with Graeme Campbell, nationalist politician and past Member of Parliament for Kalgoorlie)
  • A silly wrong by Billabong
  • Australia takes a Swan dive
  • Policing issues (part two)
  • Biker rights get run over
  • Letters to Destiny

Destiny magazine promotes an Australian Identity, a National Culture, and a Protectionist Philosophy.

Destiny is a showcase for the ideas of an up-and-coming Australian ideology, with writings and artwork from Australian nationalists across the country.

Destiny seeks to challenge the validity and position of the Australia-hating political establishment, to take back the moral high ground for fair dinkum Australians, and to regain our national destiny for the Australian People.

Destiny Magazine


  1. True Aussie, Destiny is still being published and the next one is almost ready to go, unfortunately it won’t be finalised until January as all those involved have been busy working towards National Registration and there is only so much one can do!

    To all subscribers, don’t worry, records of subscriptions are kept and the magazine is coming. However, it’s an issue of priorities and with a possible double dissolution election coming by about August (if the pundits can be believed) having a truly nationalist party up and ready to go to offer an alternative was determined to be a greater priority!

    Apologies to all those waiting- I’m rather keen to read some of the interviews lined up myself!

  2. True Aussie says

    Is the Destiny magazine still being published?

  3. So, is there any chance of issue #7 of Destiny Magazine coming out soon?

  4. I love a sunburnt country,

    A land of sweeping plains,

    Of rugged mountain ranges,

    Of droughts and flooding rains.

    I love her far horizons,

    I love her jewel-sea,

    Her beauty and her terror,

    The wide brown land for me

    Whats happened to our Country?
    Its so full of immigrants we are loosing our culture and we are left with no right to voice our concern.
    Why cant our government hear our screams of sadness?

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