Muslim extremists and Australian bushfires

News reports have revealed that Muslim extremists have been celebrating the advent of the bushfires in Victoria that killed so many Australians.

Just six months prior to the February bushfires, Islamic extremists were discovered to be uging Muslims to “deliberately light bushfires as a weapon of terror”.

The call for a bushfire Jihad was written in Arabic and argued that starting fires was an “effective form of terrorism justified in Islamic law”. The information was discovered by American intelligence personnel; the origin of the idea has been attributed to an Al Qaeda leader, Abu Musab Al-Suri.

No evidence has been released by the police to lay any blame on Muslim extremists for the current bushfire tragedies. However, there remains a possibility that, whether or not any violent Jihadists are involved in this year’s fires, that Muslim terrorists may decide to carry out a future campaign of attacks by using bushfires.

One question that can be asked is: “If these fires or any other future fires were found to be the work of Muslim extremists, would the government tell us?” Considering that Australian governments have previously covered up reports that were critical of the ill-effects of Multiculturalism, we have to wonder whether they could be trusted to tell us the truth.


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18 February 2009

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