Destiny magazine, issue 5

Issue Five includes:

  • A festival of kindred spirits
  • The Youth – The Movement!
  • For the greater good (an interview with Richard Barnbrook, the British National Party’s representative on the Greater London Assembly)
  • Public health – Yet another need for CIR
  • The British Connection
  • Professor Fraser speaks out (an interview with the courageous academic who spoke out about the social implications of race and culture)
  • The election of Barack Hussein Obama
  • Global economic crisis threatens Australia’s future
  • Middle Eastern crime in Australia
  • Water Fuel meetings
  • Kevin Rudd – Say sorry to me!
  • Media success in election campaign
  • Policing Issues
  • Letters to Destiny

Destiny magazine promotes an Australian Identity, a National Culture, and a Protectionist Philosophy.

Destiny is a showcase for the ideas of an up-and-coming Australian ideology, with writings and artwork from Australian nationalists across the country.

Destiny seeks to challenge the validity and position of the Australia-hating political establishment, to take back the moral high ground for fair dinkum Australians, and to regain our national destiny for the Australian People.

Destiny Magazine

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