Destiny magazine, issue 4

Destiny magazine, issue 4 released

Issue Four includes:

  • Rudd’s 2020 Summit creates a drought of ideas
  • Healthy communities in rural Australia
  • The dereliction of democracy in Australia
  • Some thoughts on the Second World War and after
  • Facing jail to save your daughter
  • Coming together as One Nation: An interview with Jim Cassidy, the President of One Nation in NSW
  • Laying plans to win the future
  • Conservative Patriotism – the New Rebellion
  • Fighting the bias of the Hard Left
  • Why I joined the Protectionists
  • A test of Kevin Rudd’s “metal”
  • A reality check on Multiculturalism
  • Telling it like it is
  • The plight of Australian farmers [poem]
  • Letters to Destiny

Destiny magazine promotes an Australian Identity, a National Culture, and a Protectionist Philosophy.

Destiny is a showcase for the ideas of an up-and-coming Australian ideology, with writings and artwork from Australian nationalists across the country.

Destiny seeks to challenge the validity and position of the Australia-hating political establishment, to take back the moral high ground for fair dinkum Australians, and to regain our national destiny for the Australian People.

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3rd June 2008


  1. Proud Aussie says

    The Time is now:

    The time is now upon us that we all must make a stand. The time is now upon us that we must look forward and walk together hand in hand. We must make decisions for our children’s children. We must ensure the safety and security for all Australians.

    We must tend our own garden. Removing the waste and put things in order. We must do this today.

    We must do it in a way that protects all that we hold true and dear.

    We must believe in the principles of a “fair go”, and “help a mate”.

    Our country has become fat and lazy. Fat through the inaction of its people and its government. We have failed to act. We seek always to be politically correct so that the world does not condemn us. We fear persecution by the others in this world. We care more about our global image than we do for our own citizens. Our citizens are very quickly becoming second class, in their own country, which is supposed to care and nurture for its own.

    Aussies are being driven out of their own chosen careers, communities and country. Universities offer preferential treatment of overseas applicants and students. Often at the expense of our own children.

    We live in a society which is very quickly becoming overrun. What would our forefathers make of this land? Are we all going to be forced into submission? Are we all going to just simply lay down and allow all the talk of equality, to do what it was set up to do? That is, simply push all Australians to live on the fringe of a society which their forefathers built? Our citizens are being discriminated against by the very government policy which is meant to make things equal.

    Government departments persecute and condemn anyone who is outspoken. Sadly we live in a country which is no longer free. Our very existence was owed to the fact that this country was a penal colony. Settled by the English.

    Current policy by government at all levels means that no matter where we travel, we will find that in some parts of this great country we will feel like we are not even in Australia. Street signs not in English, certain public amenities out of use for them at certain times, due to the religious beliefs of a minority group in this country. Separate schools reinforcing these ideals, paid for and set up by government, which are not open to all.

    This must stop and it must be stopped now.

    If this country is to be free, truly free then this government led bias or exclusion must be stopped. All Australians must act to stop it.

    There are a group in this country at the moment that are not only disillusioned and dissociated by current government policy, but they are completely isolated by these policies.

    This group is SLIMS. Single Low Income Males. History tells us if we ignore this group then it will lead to the destruction and disintegration of our society. The last time this happened, it happened in the early 1930’s and lead to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the NAZI party. We all know what happened.

    Are we simply going to sit by while our youth become more frightened and vulnerable? More disenchanted and disillusioned? Are we going to wait until the new fuehrer organises his policies and ideals? Perhaps until he forms the new SS? From what I have seen of this country we will wait until it is too late. Too late to stop. Unless we fail to act today.

    I can foresee a terrible war being fought right here in our society, in our communities, in our very own backyards, the ethnic cleansing of recent years in the Balkans will look like a family fun day, compared to the fears I have of such a war. We live in a multicultural society, as such it will splinter and disintegrate in such a way that it will never reform. The danger is very real. Suppressed, but none-the-less very real.

    Look at the way is which people flocked to Pauline Hanson and the “One Nation” party of the 1990’s.

    Political fracturisation. Destruction of political ideals. She was openly condemned and persecuted. She was in fact the only political figurehead in this countries’ history to obtain more than 20% of the primary vote a federal election. In fact the first time we had seen Liberal and Labour give preferences to each other.

    If she had wanted she could have invoked public unrest and violence. Completely destabilised this society and shocked it to the core. Her and her party let the people speak. I honour her and the party for that.

    To be realistic, I can’t say what the future will bring, but if you can’t see the potential that we are breeding, then how blind you really are…

    I fear this country, that I love so dearly for its entire people, will be become a fractured splintered state in which the worst of humanity will be on display. In the ashes of this aftermath there will be very little of what I love about this country. There will be little of what our forefathers built.

    This countries freedoms, culture and values are being destroyed by the very people who are meant to represent and defend it.

    I fear for our children.

    Imagine a country in which the army stand at checkpoints, identity tags or cards that must be displayed before boarding a train, entering a shopping centre. Imagine having to cross thirty of these checkpoints to visit your mother? Imagine being refused entry as your travel pass is no longer valid. Imagine being interrogated and questioned about visiting your sick or dying relative? ” What is the purpose of your visit to North Melbourne today?” or “You live in Northcote? Do you not? Are you or what allegiance do you have to the Australian Freedom Movement?”, even perhaps; “They are very active in this region? Yes?” and “You live in this area? Yes? You must be a member then? No?”. I will go further here and say “If you are not, then if you want to visit your relative who is dying? Then you will give me the names and address’es of three people who are involved in this movement, before you are allowed to enter North Melbourne”.

    The above mentioned is all fictitious. But you can appreciate this has and does happen in the world today. Just imagine it was here in Australia. Would you give the person interrogating you three names? The simple truth is that people answer “no” that they wouldn’t, but in reality and out of fear they do the exact opposite. Is this the kind of country we want our children to live in?

    It could be a very real situation. That is why we must act now to stop it from happening.

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