APP successful in campaign against child nudity “art” exhibition

Australian Protectionists were part of a campaign that halted the exhibition of nude photos of children at the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery in Paddington (Sydney, NSW). Complaints were made, which led to police closing the questionable “art” exhibition.

The Australian Protectionist Party campaigned on talkback radio and on the internet (see the Australian Identity forum) to have the gallery’s website shut down, as the site was displaying photos of nude children from the intended exhibition.

The APP tracked down the server that hosted the gallery’s website and organised people to email the server’s company to lodge complaints. Within hours, the web site had been closed down, thus removing those photos of nude children from the net (the gallery’s site is now back up, apparently on a new server, minus the photos).

Is full frontal child nudity “art”? We say “No!” – such depictions, in “art” photography or on television, are just not necessary, nor desirable. We say that there are boundries to “art” and that, in this case, the photographer and gallery have overstepped the mark.

Congratulations to all those APP members and supporters who helped close down this degenerate exhibition.

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23rd May 2008p

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