The government campaign against free speech has begun

The government’s Multiculturalism bureaucrats have commenced a campaign of harassment and intimidation against Australian Protectionists, using their so-called ‘racial vilification’ laws and the misnamed ‘Human Rights’ industry.*

The implications of the government’s Multiculturalism laws and their current campaign is that no-one in Australia will be able to use their rights to freedom of speech without facing jail or financial ruin. Just consider what they have been doing so far this year:

  • A government ‘Human Rights’ bureaucrat begins a campaign against Australian Protectionists, threatening to send people to jail for seven years for letterboxing two leaflets, ‘Become a Protectionist’ and ‘Do you want your children to grow up in a Muslim Australia?’ (rational, well-considered leaflets that reflect the opinions of many ordinary Australians).

  • Then the government’s Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, a body that is well-known for pushing the political doctrine of Multiculturalism and for Political Correctness, tried to intimidate the Australian Protectionist Party over the same leaflets. Although largely a bureaucratic toothless tiger, their parting words were thinly-veiled threats that Australian Protectionists would face court – all for daring to question the governments’s immigration and Multiculturalism policies.

  • Then a government police unit, with the sinister name of the State Security Investigation Group (not to be confused with the Committee for State Security, otherwise known as the KGB), begins an ‘investigation’ of Australian Protectionists with the ‘friendly advice’ given that Protectionists had better not say anything negative about certain racial groups, even if what is said about them is true. Under the government’s Multiculturalism laws, telling the truth is not a defence.

It has begun. This is the start of a government campaign to silence anyone who actively opposes or criticizes Multiculturalism, Islamification or Third World immigration. In short, they are saying ‘You will not speak out against our policies – or we will jail you’.

This is fascism. This is how it starts. This is the beginning of the end of freedom of speech in this country. This was inevitable, because as Multiculturalism tears a nation apart, they must end free speech in an attempt to silence political dissent – which is why the political doctrine of Multiculturalism is inherently fascist.

There is only one solution – to throw out the Multiculturalism laws (so-called ‘racial and religious vilification’ legislation) and replace them with a law that guarantees the rights of Australians to free speech.

    First they came for Pauline Hanson,
    – but I was not a patriot so I did not speak out.
    Then they came for Professor Fraser,
    – but I was not an academic so I did not speak out.
    Then they came for the Protectionist Party,
    – but I was not a Protectionist so I did not speak out.
    And when they came for me, there was no-one left to speak out.

‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’
– attributed to Voltaire
‘If you disagree with us, we will send you to jail’
– the creed of the Multiculturalists and Kevin Rudd’s government

Defend your rights to freedom of speech!
Join the Protectionist Party’s fight against Political Correctness
and Kevin Rudd’s Thought Police.

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* Note: The ‘Human Rights’ industry is a collection of government bodies, activist groups and key individuals who push the political ideology of Multiculturalism and use threats of fines, financial ruin, and jail to silence their political opponents. The term ‘Human Rights’ is actually a misnomer as the bureaucrats and activists involved have no interest in the rights of a nation’s people, but simply want to forcibly push their ideology upon the unwilling populace. So-called ‘Human Rights’ bodies are named in the Orwellian tradition (see the film-book 1984) whereby government bodies are called after the very things that they are set up to oppose.

3rd May 2008


  1. Vic Zurek says

    Last night, June 8th, on SBS television I listened to a young, articulate “black” aboriginal guy bitterly complain about what the “white” people had done to his land and culture on the Pilbera coast. The program is called “living black” and it gives a good insight into Aboriginal life. I agreed with every word this passionate young man said, and wish him the best dealing with our minister of image (his own) Mr. Garret.
    I did reflect later, that if I did the same, and complained about Indians, blacks, Asians or Islamists, destroying the white culture in Australia I would be in jail.
    I didn’t see any newspaper headlines about the “human rights commission” taking the program to court this morning, so I guess equal rights are just more equal for some than others.
    It would be a very sad day, if this young Aboriginal guy couldn’t speak out for his own people and country, but please, give that same right to me.

  2. Hi, you are protected for free speech and freedom of political speech

    I won’t put the details here,,, contact me when needed..

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