Australian Identity – a new internet forum is launched

A brand new internet forum has been launched this month. Australian Identity promises to be a step in the right direction for sensible nationalism in this country.

The Mission Statement of the Australian Identity forum is:

* To support the protection and furtherment of the Australian identity.
* To support the protection and furtherment of people of Anglo-Celtic-European-White heritage.
* To assist those who hold pro-Australian viewpoints, whether they be described as Patriotic, Nationalist, or Protectionist.

Two quotes from the forum show that the flavour of the site is based upon a relevant and sensible nationalism:

“The biggest failing of past nationalist movements in Australia has been relevancy. Unless we make the concerns of fellow Australians our concerns, unless we make their issues our issues, we will fail. This forum is not here for own entertainment, it is not an echo chamber, the purpose of this forum is present nationalism as a viable alternative to the establishment for Australians.”

“Nationalism can only take off if it is something that people WANT to join, rather than TELLING people what they should think, its time to take the natural ethnic solidarity of ordinary people and tailor our message to suit THEM rather than the other way around.”

We suggest that people have a look at the new forum and, if they like what they see, join up (it’s free) and participate.

Australian Identity internet forum
Forum rules and guidelines (includes the Mission Statement)
A Place For Moderates

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