Destiny magazine, issue 3

Issue Three includes:
* Political Correctness – The final nail in the coffin of the Anzac legacy
* House prices skyrocketing due to immigration
* Liberalism and “anti-racism”: How “anti-racist” rhetoric exposes its anti-Western bias
* Jihad finance coming to Australia: The scam of Islamic banking
* A reasonable approach to the cultural struggle
* Environmental disaster in the Galapagos Islands demonstrates the idiocy of unrestricted immigration
* Doing the New Right thing by people: An interview with a key organiser for the New Right and National Anarchist movements in Australia
* Protectionists gear up for support
* Is Kevin Rudd intent on an Asian future?
* John Howard the false nationalist: Just another traitor in patriot clothing
* For Our Future [poem]
* Guess who’s coming to live next door
* Letters to Destiny

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