Fascist Islamic state jails innocent teacher

A British teacher working in the Sudan has been convicted in a criminal court of “inciting religious hatred”. This was because she allowed the children in her class to call a teddy bear “Mohammed”. Sentenced to 15 days in jail, and to be deported, this teacher knows that she is innocent as far as normal Western justice is concerned, but that she is guilty in the eyes of the Islamic state.

As this teacher found out, fundamentalist Muslim countries can be nasty scary places to live in; they are places where an extreme form of Political Correctness rules, where ordinary men and women must continuously “walk upon eggshells”, frightened of accidentally saying what they actually think, just in case the Thought Police drag them off to court, to go to jail or lose their livliehood.

It is cases like this that make us realise just how alike official Multiculturalism and fundamentalist Islam actually are. The fundamentalist Multiculturalists of the Liberal-Labor parties have also brought in oppressive fascist-style laws that make it illegal to “incite religious hatred” or to “incite racial hatred”. Of course, these laws have nothing at all to do with any so-called “incitement to hatred”, but are in fact laws designed to squash criticism of Multiculturalism and its negative elements – to stop criticism of Islam, immigration, and Asianisation.

Just as we would protest against the fascist laws in Islamic countries, so too must we protest against the fascist laws in our country. It’s time for us to win back our freedom of speech; it’s time for us to protect our democratic rights; it’s time to join and support the Protectionist Party.

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