Africans rioting in Melbourne, Adelaide, and France (again)

News of African immigrant youths rioting in the streets of Melbourne has added more fuel to the demands of Australians for an end to African immigration.

Up to one hundred youths rioted in Flemington, Melbourne, following a rock-throwing incident. Police were dealing with the youth suspected of the rock-throwing, who had become abusive and was arrested, when crowds of more youths and adults surrounded the police and attempted to free the suspect. 21 police had to be called in, and a policeman was injured during the rioting. Police sources said that there were continual problems in the area, with rocks being thrown at police patrols almost every second night.[1]

This riot comes upon the heels of more troubles with Africans in Melbourne. In October, two police were asking a gang of 20 Sudanese men in Noble Park to quieten down when one of the Sudanese king-hit one of the police and then other members of the gang attacked, kicking the policeman a number of times before running off. Up to 22 police were then called, and it took a while to clear the area. The policeman who had been attacked suffered facial damage, along with several other injuries, and had to be hospitalised.[2]

In early November, a gang of about 10 African males made two brazen and violent car-jacking attempts in Carlton. One car had its windscreen smashed when a brick was thrown through it, a brick was also used to smash the rear window, and punches were thrown at the car’s passenger through an open side window; the occupants were lucky to escape, as their car was hemmed in by other cars, and they were only able to get away when the traffic lights turned green. The men tried to hijack another car, attempting to smash a window, but the victim was luckily able to drive off before more damage was done.[3]

Just over a week ago, reports were received of gang violence, involving up to 100 youths, between Africans and Vietnamese in Adelaide. A teenager was stabbed several times in the neck, head and legs; another teenager has been charged with attempted murder, with others arrested for various offences.[4]

The “serious problems” of African immigration were recognised by the previous federal government when it halved immigration from Africa citing “poor integration” as the reason. Australia has witnessed a disproportionate level of crime from black African immigrants; this does not mean that all Africans are criminals, but it is true to say that studies have shown a disproportionate number of ethnic black Africans engage in violent crimes. Whatever the reason or excuse for bringing them here is given by those politicians and bleeding-hearts living in their ivory towers, it is not good enough when it costs suffering and damage to everyday Australians living in everyday suburbs.[5]

Australia is not the only nation to experience problems with a black African population. France – with a much larger population of Africans within its borders – has again been suffering massive dramas with several days of rioting by large numbers of African youths.[6] Just two years ago France suffered several similar days of violent rioting by Africans; almost 9000 cars were burned or smashed, 2888 rioters were arrested, hundreds of people were injured (including many police and firefighters), and at least one person died; the rioters were predominantly Muslim, and a Catholic church was burned during the riots.[7] With these new riots in 2007, for the French, it’s a case of deja vu.

We need to protect Australia by limiting immigration to those who will readily fit into Australian society. Whilst immigration should be of benefit to those migrating here, it must also be of benefit to Australia. It’s time for a sensible and rational immigration programme that will protect Australia, not destroy it.

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  1. The only answer is “selective immigration”.

  2. The black people of Africa got what they wanted – black people controlling the country. White people lost control by handing it to the black people, now what do they do… Go to a white ruling country like Australia because Africa is more unstable than ever. So what have they achieved? What have they ever achieved in history? We will ruin our country if we give into the Left.

  3. No more Africans, they are a menace. If we take them in we will regret it.

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