Australian Protectionist Party on ABC TV’s Q&A show

[YouTube video] – Darrin Hodges, APP state chairman in NSW, speaks on the “Q&A” current affairs show on ABC TV. Speaking about Camden and Bass Hill, Mr. Hodges asks why town planning laws can’t have provision for a cultural or social impact statement where local residents can say that they don’t want their suburb invaded by Muslims.

When the homosexual activist/politician Bob Brown defends the Muslims, Darrin Hodges makes the point that Brown would be hung in Iran (under the Islamic Sharia Law, homosexuality is punishable by death).

Mr. Hodges is quite correct, Australian towns and suburbs that face the building of mosques or Islamic schools should be able to object to such developments in council planning hearings on the basis of the cultural and social impacts that would be felt by local residents.

Thursday 29 May 2008

APP campaigns against child nudity “art” exhibition

Australian Protectionist Party were part of a campaign that halted the exhibition of nude photos of children at the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery in Sydney. Australian Protectionists campaigned on talkback radio and on the internet to close the exhibition and website (both included photos of nude children). Complaints were made, which led to the website being shut down and the police closing down the exhibition.

When the Melbourne newspaper The Age took it upon itself to reproduce one of the images of one of the young girls, topless, on its website, this was removed following calls by Protectionists on the Australian Identity Forum, and via email campaigning, for people to lodge formal complaints. The photo’s removal was a victory for those who believe that nude photos of children should not be displayed in the media. The story behind this issue can be read in the articles APP successful in campaign against child nudity “art” exhibition and Media responsible for publication of photos of child nudity.

Australian Protectionist Party campaigns for free speech

Following the moves of government bureaucrats who are trying to stop the freedom of speech of Australians giving their opinion on who they should share their country with, APP members have been speaking on talkback radio to expose the nasty anti-democratic nature of the so-called “Human Rights” industry.

APP members have spoken on various radio stations across the nation. Members have spoken on the Drive Show in Canberra (ABC), the David Oldfield Show (2GB), amongst others. The story behind this issue can be read in the article The government campaign against free speech has begun.

Australian Protectionist Party in The Maitland Mercury

In this page 3 publicity Terry Odgers, an APP member in NSW, made some hard-hitting common-sense observations, pointing out the Communist-style nature of the government’s Multiculturalism laws that outlaw our rights to freedom of speech and threaten to jail ordinary Australians just for voicing their opinions on what is happening to our nation.

As well as being in contact with his local media, Terry has been busy letterboxing his area with Protectionist leaflets. Congratulations to Terry for his sterling work.

The text of the article can be read on the Australian Identity Forum. The story behind this issue can be read in the article The government campaign against free speech has begun.

Australian Protectionist Party advertisement in The Midland Reporter

APP members took out an ad in The Midland Reporter to protest over the proposed building of a mosque in the Swan Valley.

Good work on the part of APP activists.

Further information on this issue can be read in the article No Mosque in the Swan Valley (W.A.).