APP Constitution

We promote a Protectionist philosophy, dedicated to protecting our people, our jobs, and our way of life. We believe that our nation must always operate as part of the world, with continuing interaction between peoples, economies, and cultures, but that this must be carried out in a sensible and rational way.

We believe that Multiculturalism and Political Correctness are undermining our nation’s way of life and are destroying our national identity, and this is why we advocate the promotion and strengthening of the Australian national culture and identity.

We believe that the our people have a right to survive; that is why we oppose massive Third World immigration, which is taking us down the road to a situation where the Australian People will end up as a miniscule minority in their own country.

We believe that open-slather global trade with cheap labour sources in Third World countries is destroying our nation’s industries and decimating our job opportunities, and that is why we believe in implementing a sensible system of tariff barriers to protect our local manufacturing jobs and industries.

The Constitution of the Australian Protectionist Party was created as document for administrative and organisational purposes. For statements of our ideals, see our policies and the articles on the website.