Yet another Police State law

For those who aren’t aware already, the Victorian police have been, for years, operating as the strong-arm boys of the leftist Victorian government.

The wanton thuggery and brutality of the police was in full evidence at the demonstrations held by those who are wary of the rushed vaccinations being forced upon the populace. The police turned peaceful demonstrations into riots by their deliberate and brutal attacks upon citizens.

Now comes the news that the Victorian regime of Dan Andrews (known widely as “Chairman Dan”) is looking to create a law to jail for five years anyone who they, or their minions, deem to have engaged in “grossly offensive conduct in public”.

This is going to be one of those “grey area” laws which can be interpreted (or misinterpreted) any way the politically correct and/or leftist police and judges like. Considering that the perennially offended leftist Cultural Marxists can consider just about anything “grossly offensive”, this new law is a major threat to the civil liberties of the public. It should also be borne in mind that, once the law is established in Victoria, other states can then use the Victorian law as a moral precedence (or rather, an immoral precedence) to create similar laws across the country.

The never-trustworthy politicians are using the case of Richard Pusey to drive their campaign for the law. Pusey is the low-life who filmed dying police at a roadside accident; sure, it was a scummy move, but hardly one deserving of jail (being the type of person who he is, Pusey was jailed for something else anyway). In fact, filming wounded or dying people has occurred with the mainstream media anyway (it’s not nice behaviour, but nor is it something that should be a crime). Who hasn’t seen the photo of the poor napalmed Vietnamese girl running down the road, or the man jumping from the flame-ridden Twin Towers in New York?

Dodgy politicians like to take isolated cases, that rarely occur, and then use those as excuses to create laws that could be used against the general populace. Don’t be fooled; this law is not about Pusey or his ilk; instead, it’s all about giving the politicised police yet another weapon to use against Australians.

The big-party politicians can’t be trusted with our civil rights. We need less laws, not more. Beware of the encroaching Cultural Marxist rule of the Nanny State.

Grossly offensive conduct to become a crime in Victoria”, The Guardian, 22 June 2022 (Benita Kolovos)

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