The attacks upon Australia’s heritage keep on coming

Hardly an Australia Day goes by without the naysayers and political termites trying to abolish it or change the date.

Whether it’s the anti-Australian Multiculturalists, Third Worlders, Islamicists, or the destructive and misguided “do-gooders”, there’s always someone out to destroy the heritage of our nation, usually helped along by the traitorous Cultural Marxists and Multiculturalists in the media.

A quick look at the internet shows a variety of anti-Australians attempts to undermine the existence of our nation.

One site says that Australia Day “is a virtually meaningless day today”. Have these fools no idea of what it is to be a real Australian?(1)

The SBS site has a revealing array of articles regarding Australia Day.(2) The Special Broadcasting Service is, of course, the government-funded propaganda machine used to promote Multiculturalism. The name is a misnomer, as there’s nothing special about SBS, unless it’s “special bus” special. If anyone wants to see a range of propaganda against Real Australia, then they would be hard-pressed to find a more instructive place to go to than SBS.

A Google search throws up yet another site that has a blurb about Australia Day; it all starts off well, it seems to be pro-Australian, but then, as you read on, it takes on very anti-Australian undertones, and finishes up by showing its true colours:

“If you believe that Australia should change the date of Australia Day, stand up for what you believe in and make your voice heard. When enough people do just that, real change can occur. … there’s no reason more changes can’t be made moving forward – changes that recognise all Australians, not just those who are descendants of the British.”(3)

So just who exactly is behind this latter site? Multiculturalists? Communists? Cultural Marxists? Well, it turns out that the site is one called “Crescent Wealth”. Never heard of them. However, just one simple click on their “About” link tells us all we need to know. “At Crescent Wealth, we’re proud to be Australia’s premier Islamic super fund”. Okay, say no more. One doesn’t have to guess too much to know what their agenda is.

The anti-Australian Multiculturalists, Communists, and Cultural Marxists have spent the last couple of decades (at least) trying to undermine Australia Day. With the overwhelming predominance of Leftists school teachers in our classrooms, they are beginning to have an effect, by brainwashing generations of young Australians.

Our nation is built upon its people, its culture, its history, and its heritage — but the foundations of the House of Australia are being eaten away by the anti-Australian termites who infest our country.

Our people are being replaced and displaced by Third World immigration; our culture is being undermined and destroyed by the pernicious political ideology of Multiculturalism; our history is continuously being rewritten in a negative light by those who support the “Black armband” viewpoint of history; and our heritage is being wrecked by social termites who are trying to eat away at, and destroy, our important cultural institutions, icons, and symbols, such as Australia Day.

It’s time to fight against the traitorous termites who are destroying our home, eating away at the foundations of our nation. We need to promote a positive Australianism, as well as to trample the traitors, and fight the filthy foreign ideologies in our midst.

We need to fight for the soul of our nation and for the future of our people.

Surely there is no better day upon which to issue a call to our people to fight for the very existence of our nation, than Australia Day.


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