Covid Coercion: Bullies, Bastards, and Bolshies

A text-based meme, posted on social media

Bullies and thugs
Government-mandated bullying has become a way of life during the Covid Crisis. The advent of the Covid contagion gave Australian politicians the opportunity to turn our country into a virtual police state, as an over-the-top response to the virulent virus.

Instead of advising old folk and the medically-vulnerable to lock themselves down, the politicians locked down the entire country, doing their best to destroy our economy for years to come.

The idea that Australian citizens should find themselves under virtual house arrest, with night-time curfews and police bullying, would have amazed and shocked the good folk of the Anzac generation. To think that Australians would so easily give up their rights and freedoms, like so many sheep, would have been almost inconceivable.

If you’ve closely been watching social media, you would have seen incidents of the police acting like uniformed thugs and government-paid bullies. Whilst we may have political differences with Avi Yemeni (an Australian civic patriot of Middle Eastern and Israeli ethnicity, a political activist, and journalist), his videos made during the Covid period have shown a wide range of police overreach and police bullying — including videos of the police violently arresting a compliant and non-violent Avi (acting in his role as a journalist for Rebel News), and then turning up at his home in the night in an obvious attempt to harass and intimidate him further.

The use by police of rubber bullets against lockdown protestors was another low point, with some of the wounds caused by those “non-lethal” weapons being quite shocking. The use of such government-authorised thuggery was totally unnecessary, but when you give the go-ahead to thugs to use weapons “if needed”, it’s not surprising how quickly they’ll decide that they “need” to use them. Wanting to use a “new toy” encourages someone to use it (or misuse it, or abuse it, as the case may be), even if such usage is quite inappropriate (it brings to mind the old saying “Give a man a hammer, and soon everything starts to look like a nail”).

Business-destroying bastardry
Thousands upon thousands of people’s lives have been wrecked by the government-directed closure of their businesses. Thriving small enterprises have been turned into bases of bankruptcy.

Taxpayer-funded politicians tell us that they feel our pain, whilst they sit in their ivory towers, without losing a single dollar from the salaries — indeed, they have even been getting pay rises during these painful years of the Covid Crisis.

The banks haven’t cancelled payments on home mortgages or business loans during this period. Landlords of residential and business properties haven’t cancelled rent payments (landlords have to pay off their bank loans too). So the small business people were being screwed at both ends, with loss of income from government-mandated closure of businesses, whilst still having to pay business expenses — and all the while the taxpayer-funded politicians, and other public servants, were sitting pretty.

Some business areas of our cities and suburbs look like virtual ghost towns. One can hardly imagine the long-term damage which has been done to our economy.

Bolshies, Communists, and Cultural Marxists
Turning Australia into some sort of police state is a dream come true for some people. For those who long for a Communist utopia (i.e. a dystopia) the Covid Crisis was heaven-sent. Scratch the surface of many “Democratic Socialists” and you’ll find a Communist sympathiser underneath, if not an outright Marxist.

The politicians’ handling of the Covid Crisis has seen many businesses destroyed and huge numbers of people on government handouts. Let’s face it, if you increase the number of people who are reliant on sucking at the government’s teat, then the more supporters of government handouts and socialism you’ll end up with.

Destroying small businesses, putting lots of people on government sustenance, increasing police bullying and thuggery, using intimidation and coercion to get people to bow down before government demands — it’s all beginning to look a lot like “Communism Lite”. The Bolshies and Cultural Marxists are loving the Covid Crisis, because it is destroying the free enterprise economy, as well as giving them greater control over the population.

With Covid-19, a major challenge has been for Australia is to cope with a widespread contagion without becoming a police state; unfortunately, the major political parties have failed that test.

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