Second-class citizens and loss of freedom in the time of Covid

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The advent of the Coronavirus Crisis has been a hard time for Australian democracy. This issue gave us an opportunity to test the strength of our democratic rights and freedoms; we sat for the exam — and we failed.

The very same politicians who were entrusted with maintaining our democratic society are those who are taking away the freedoms of so many people.

Over the past few decades there have been various vaccinations which have been developed, and tested long-term for any side-effects, and the majority of people have been happy to have them. However, with Covid-19, the standard long-term testing procedures have been thrown out of the window in the rush to create vaccines for the dreaded disease. Following this lack of long-term testing, and in light of the deaths of many people who died after being vaccinated against the Coronavirus, there are many people who are wary of being injected with what some are calling an “experimental vaccine”.

Naturally, people have a right to choose whether they should be injected with an “experimental vaccine” or not. However, the ruling elite (the Political Class) of Australia see it otherwise.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that the Covid-19 vaccines won’t be mandatory for all Australians; he may be technically correct, but —in fact —his oratory covers up the real truth.

Australians who haven’t had the supposedly “not mandatory” jabs are being sacked. Employers are demanding proof that workers have been double-jabbed, and giving notice to those who have not been or who do not want to be. What gives any employer the right to enquire into the medical history of employees? Normally, the right to medical privacy would be governed by the federal Privacy Act 1988; however, it appears that employers can demand the medical information of workers simply by deeming it necessary.

The bar is being set very low for who it is deemed “necessary” to have the Covid injections. Retail workers can be forced to have Covid vaccines, or lose their jobs. As an indication of how “not mandatory” the Covid jabs are, it has been reported that in Western Australia it has been made mandatory for about 75% of workers to have Covid-19 injections.

If people lose their jobs unless they get the Covid needles — and therefore lose their homes and suffer extreme financial distress (likely for many) —then the Covid-19 vaccinations can’t realistically be considered “not mandatory”, can they?

As well as being threatened with loss of income, Australian citizens are being told that they must have the Covid jabs or be excluded from general society. “Vaccine passports” are now being demanded from the populace to go about their everyday lives. Without these internal (or infernal) passports (reminiscent of Communist Russia) citizens can be banned from pubs, clubs, social events, barbers, hairdressers, coffee shops, hardware stores, event venues, and lots of other places.

The politicians are now creating an underclass of Australians in this country. There will be a significant group of second-class citizens in Australia, who will be generally banned from working and socialising with other Australians. Many, of course, will succumb to the effects of being threatened, bullied, and socially excluded, and will therefore get the jabs. Giving in to bullying is understandable, especially if the stakes are high (such as financial ruin). Of course, if anyone suffers long-term negative side-effects or dies from blood clots due to having the Covid injections, then — apparently — that’s just “tough luck” for them (and cue the excuses that their demise was nothing to do with the injections at all — it was all just a coincidence, or it must have been due to something else).

The important point is that many Australians will be forced into giving up their freedoms — something which can be expected in an authoritarian society. If we wanted more proof that Liberal and Labor don’t care about democracy, the Coronavirus has furnished us with yet another example.

Australia was once a land of freedom and democratic rights, but it’s now a country for elitist politicians, Cultural Marxists, and the neo-fascists of the Nanny State.

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