Are the Covid-19 vaccinations 100% safe?

A tongue-in-cheek meme, posted on social media

The world has been served well by the creation of a variety of vaccines, which have enabled the combatting of various diseases — such as polio, smallpox, and hepatitis.

The vaccinations used to fight these diseases have all been through a number of thorough clinical trials, and have been tested long-term (the standard procedure has been that it takes years for each vaccine to be developed and tested).

A concern that many people have about the Covid-19 vaccinations is that, no matter how many resources that have been thrown into their research and development, the vaccines have not been tested long-term — and therefore the long-term side effects are unknown.

However, what is well-known is that people have died from the effects of having a Covid-19 vaccination, and that various other people have been severely affected by the vaccinations — some possibly permanently debilitated by it. Strokes, heart problems, and ongoing headaches (months long) have been reported as side-effects.

Legitimate concerns have been raised by many citizens about the Covid vaccines. The vast majority of these people are not “anti-vaxxers”, but are concerned about the way the vaccines have been rushed out, with no long-term testing, with many viewing the Covid-19 vaccinations as being basically “experimental drugs” (as an aside, it should be noted that “anti-vaxxers” are entitled to their viewpoint, particularly when based upon data and research). Before making any final decision on the issue, many want more information, provided in an open and free environment.

The authorities have been quite active in releasing Covid-19 statistics — telling us how many Covid cases there have been (with daily updates) and how many have died from the disease. Therefore, it is only reasonable to ask for the authorities to release statistics on those suffering from the negative side-effects of the Covid-19 jabs.

The sort of information which would be useful would include details of how many people have had negative side-effects of the Covid-19 vaccinations, soon after having the injections. For example, giving information regarding people affected in the following categories:
1) Minor side-effects (including length of duration)
2) Significant side-effects (including length of duration)
3) Debilitating side-effects (including length of duration)
4) Deaths

The idea that the vaccine manufacturers and doctors are being granted legal immunity from being sued over vaccine negative side-effects does not bolster confidence in the government’s vaccination scheme.

What sort of compensation is to be given to those who suffer significantly from the vaccines? If a person becomes permanently ill or disabled due to a vaccination, what legal and financial recompense can they expect? None? If a vaccine causes the death of a family’s breadwinner, or another family member, how will the family be compensated? These are important questions that should be addressed.

If there is to be no compensation given to the victims of vaccinations gone wrong, then people should not be forced into taking them; indeed, using force, bullying, or coercion to make individuals have any type of medical procedure would seem to strike at the heart of our nation’s democratic values.

Already there are reports of people being sacked from their jobs if they haven’t had double Covid jabs.

Coercion of citizens into medical procedures is something which may be expected of Communist China, but it’s not a practice which should be allowed in Australia.

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