Australia Day 2021

Australia Day, the 26th January, commemorates the establishment in Australia of a new civilisation in this southern land.

Led by Governor Arthur Phillip, the men and women of the First Fleet created a new European society in Australia.

The new colonial society of 1788 was the foundation stone of the Australian nation, which officially came into being in 1901 with the federation of the Australian colonies.

However, from at least the 1960s onwards, there emerged a Cultural Marxist sub-culture, mainly comprised of those brainwashed by university Leftists and various “bleeding hearts”, and their ongoing aim has been to undermine our nation, to demographically change the face of Australia, and to destroy our Western civilisation.

As part of their efforts, Australia Day is under continual attack. Unless people happen to come across a Leftist anti-Australian march, very few Australians would even be aware of the Cultural Marxist attempts to destroy Australia Day; but the mainstream media has been pushing this anti-Australian agenda for years, giving it oxygen, awarding it publicity, because the agenda of the mainstream media very closely matches the agenda of the anti-Australian Left.

We need to defend Australia Day, as part of our defence of the Australian nation.

Stand up for your people, fight back against the Cultural Marxists, and defend your nation!

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