Majority of Australians reject immigration madness

Statement released by the Australian Coalition of Nationalists

An opinion poll commissioned by the Australian Population Research Institute has shown that “an overwhelming majority” of Australians oppose the massive amounts of immigration that have been coming into this country in recent years (actually, Liberal-Labor politicians have been forcing huge amounts of immigration upon our people for decades).

72% of those surveyed believed that Australia doesn’t need any more people.

The survey also showed that there are deep concerns about the problems of pollution, suburban congestion, and quality of life destruction caused by immigration.

Interestingly, the opinion poll showed that the longer people stayed in the education system, the more likely they are to support higher immigration; no surprise there, as the education industry is dominated by Leftists who continually push their ideological biases upon their students, to such an extent that classrooms have become centres of propaganda and indoctrination. Indeed, the Leftist-dominated universities are churning out hundreds of thousands of poor brain-addled Cultural Marxists, brainwashed into believing in Political Correctness, Multiculturalism, and the Nanny State (as well as being given massive doses of anti-Western propaganda and pro-Marxist teachings); it’s a rare person who can survive 15 to 16 years of Leftist propaganda and emerge unscathed, without being affected by Bolshevik bias and Leftist lies.

It is worthwhile noting that Australia’s population reached 25 million in August 2018 — which was 24 years earlier than predicted by the government. No surprise there either, as it suits the government to understate the immensity of the immigration problem.

The threats posed by too-high immigration are legion:

* House prices and rent costs skyrocketing — becoming too high for some families to ever hope to afford a home in their lifetime (ending the “Great Australian Dream” of everyone owning their own home).

* Overcrowding becoming out of control — multi-storey units springing up everywhere, lots of homes being built in the backyard of (now sub-divided) suburban homes, and masses of small units being built on blocks which previously contained a family home with a backyard big enough for children to play in.

* Pollution increasing, with vehicle numbers increasing by hundreds of thousands (if not millions).

* Suburban overcrowding and congestion, not only with homes being squeezed in tightly like sardines in a tin, but also with traffic jams and overcrowding in suburban areas (e.g. shopping centres, parks) which were built for a lower population.

* Loss of green areas (such as suburban green belts) and farming land, with those areas being turned into suburbs. Large areas of our nation’s best farming land are now under asphalt, concrete and brick. Some areas which had previously designated as never to be built upon (green belts, etc.) have now been turned into concrete jungles, with deals being made under the table by property developers bribing councillors, bureaucrats and politicians.

* Social disunity, community discord, and national destruction caused by the importation of huge numbers of Third World immigration. The Establishment, committed as it is to Multiculturalism and multiracialism, has actively been seeking the immigration-driven genocide of the white Australian people (fitting in with the worldwide push by Multiculturalists and Europhobes for the genocide of all white nations, as an integral part of the anti-white ideologies of Multiculturalism and multiracialist Civic Patriotism, culminating in the Great Replacement).

However, the problems caused by massive immigration don’t matter to the Multiculturalist Elite; their ideology proclaims Multiculturalism and multiracialism are great ends in themselves, and they don’t care if the Australian nation is destroyed in the process.

Whilst the opinion polls show that most Australians are fed up with high immigration, the Multiculturalist Elite don’t care — because they don’t give a damn about democracy, other than to pay lip service to it.

The Establishment don’t give a damn about us, and they will never help our nation. The only way for our nation to be saved is by a cultural revolution led by dedicated nationalists.

It’s time for every fair dinkum Australian to stand up and fight for the survival of the Australian people.

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Statement released by the Australian Coalition of Nationalists:
Australian Protectionist Party
Nationalist Alternative
Ironbark Resources

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