Debanking, cancel culture, and the authoritarian nature of Multiculturalism

The true nature of the Multiculturalists has once again revealed itself in recent times. Not content with trying to stifle the free speech of Nationalists, the Multiculturalists are now “debanking” people as well, refusing patriots the basic services of having bank accounts.

You heard it right. The banks are refusing bank accounts to people of dissenting political views. These are not people who were committing financial fraud; the victims of this new type of political oppression are people who the Leftist Multiculturalists consider to be “thought criminals”.

In recent years at least a dozen individual Nationalists in Australia have had their bank accounts closed due to their political beliefs. Banking services have also been refused to groups such as the Australian Liberty Alliance, Australia First, and the Party for Freedom.

In doing this, the Leftist Multiculturalists in Australia have been copying the tactics of their fellow-travellers abroad. Banking services have been refused to the British National Party in the UK, as well as to conservatives and patriots in the USA.

The bank account of Australian patriot Blair Cottrell was closed. Just recently patriots Mark Collett and Laura Towler have been refused banking services. Mark Collett noted that “This is clearly a coordinated effort to silence those who speak out against demographic change.”

The Bendigo Bank even closed the account of the local Stop the Mosque group. It was reported that the “Bendigo Bank wants to do business with organisations whose values align with its own.” Yet, as a Bendigo councillor pointed out, “murderers, paedophiles, criminals … I’m sure that those people also have bank accounts at the bank”. The Bendigo Bank countered by saying it supported “tolerance and inclusiveness” — which is clearly not the case, as they don’t tolerate or include Islam-wary patriots.

Isn’t it amazing how all of those Leftists who so loudly demanded that some bakers make a cake for a homosexual wedding are quiet on this issue? Indeed, it is believed that it is the Leftist Multiculturalists who are behind the recent banking denials of service — as usual, they are proven to be a bunch of hypocrites.

What’s next on the Leftist Multiculturalists’ agenda? Denying conservatives and nationalists the right to buy food from supermarkets? Blocking them from using doctors, dentists, ambulances, and hospitals? Or perhaps stopping them from accessing other essential services, such as electricity, gas, rubbish removal, sewerage, and water?

The banks are trying to disguise their political machinations by informing Nationalists that the reason for closing their accounts was “a commercial decision”. Hardly. The closure of accounts wasn’t because those people were in debt (which shouldn’t be a valid reason for closing a bank account, anyway; people in poverty need access to banks too). The banks aren’t closing the accounts of those old-age pensioners who own next to nothing. No, these aren’t commercial decisions, they are political decisions — to be precise, they are political decisions targeting people with political views which differ from the Establishment’s Multiculturalist ideology.

What if the banking industry were to stop providing Aboriginal activists with bank accounts? The media would be full of shrill cries of “Racism!”; it would be a news story of mammoth proportions. However, when White activists are targeted by the banks, there is a deafening silence from the mainstream media; that’s because, in the eyes of the Multiculturalists, white people don’t count, they’re just an annoyance until the Great Replacement can be carried out. For the political Establishment, white people (as a group) should only be mentioned when they are the target of negative commentary.

The Leftist Multiculturalists are denying Nationalists access to credit cards; is the next step to ban them from having library cards too? The evil, bitter, and twisted Leftist Multiculturalists are out of control and need to be reined in.

The Stasi style of the Leftist Multiculturalists is readily apparent to those who know them. Their usual modus operandi is to “dox” conservatives and nationalists (i.e. to publish documentation regarding their political enemies’ names, residential addresses, employment details, etc.); this is done with the clear intention of encouraging the targeting of political opponents for abuse, loss of employment, death threats, bashings, and possibly even political terrorism. Such low-life tactics are typical of the scum that inhabit the Leftist Multiculturalist demi-monde. The Australia Israel Review published a list of One Nation members (Australia), Wikileaks published a list of British National Party members (UK), and Democrat Party supporters published a list of patriots who donated to Donald Trump’s campaign (USA). Of course, one day such tactics will come back to bite them, when angry patriots will finally retaliate by publishing membership lists of Leftist Multiculturalists — and won’t the proverbial hit the fan then.

As a minor example of this “doxing”, when the Australian Protectionist Party moved it’s national headquarters to Tasmania (using PO Box 170, Dover), the nasty little Anti-Bogan site said “Those interested can write to P.O. Box 170, Dover, Tasmania 7117 (which also functions as the postal address of Meals On Wheels in that part of the world).” As it happens, the APP weren’t running Meals On Wheels in that area (presumably MOW must have used Box 170 at one stage, as a Google search has shown); however, the point is that the Leftist Multiculturalists of the Anti-Bogan site clearly wanted to “dox” the Meals On Wheels coordinator in that area if he was a member of APP — the Leftist Multiculturalists would stoop so low as to try to stop patriots to be helping elderly people with the provision of food. The Multicultis are indeed low-lifes.

This type of behaviour fits hand-in-glove with the Leftist “cancel culture”, whereby anyone who publicly gives an opinion which is in opposition to the Leftist worldview is “cancelled” — with Leftists organising bullying of their workplace (to get them sacked), boycotts of their employers (again, to have them sacked), cancellation of their social media accounts (deplatforming), campaigns to stop them speaking in public (more deplatforming), sometimes including violence, and often supported by the Leftist-dominated mainstream media. This “cancel culture” is a form of mob rule, which ignores social decency and democratic norms. The Left are big advocates of freedom of speech — except when it comes to the free speech of their political opponents, in which case they want them deplatformed, banned, or jailed; as always, the Leftist Multiculturalists are hypocrites; they don’t care for democracy or freedom, but will do whatever they can to destroy political dissent, no matter what; they are devoid of moral integrity.

The authoritarian nature of Leftist Multiculturalism is intrinsic to their type. They ban opposition, cancel those who don’t agree with them, and ensure that their fellow-travellers are hired and promoted in various workplaces; this has been happening in the universities and schools for years, so much so that the education system has become a virtual brainwashing apparatus. Nor is the process in decline; the authoritarian nature of the Leftist Multiculturalists is expanding in scope and increasing in nature.

Whilst Leftist Multiculturalists like to portray their side of politics as loving, caring, sharing, and understanding, the fact is that their outward persona is a lie — Leftist Multiculturalists are nasty, evil, bigoted, hate-filled, authoritarian Stasi types.

* When people tell the truth about Islamification, the Leftist Multiculturalists want them banned.
* When scientists tell the truth about racial differences, the Leftist Multiculturalists want them banned.
* When truth-seekers have differing views about aspects of history, the Leftist Multiculturalists want them banned.
* When Traditionalist Conservatives disagree with them on same-sex marriages, the Leftist Multiculturalists want them banned.
* Some Leftist Multiculturalists have even called for the jailing of those who publicly disagree with their theory of human-caused global warming.

Social media platforms run by Leftists, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, have been banning Conservatives and Nationalists for ages. Accounts disappear, posts disappear, ideas disappear … it’s a modern-day variation of George Orwell’s 1984; except that, instead of Big Government making things disappear down the memory hole, it’s Big Corporations who are behind the authoritarian suppression of political commentary — how ironic that the Left, who have been warning of the dangers of Big Corporations for decades, turn out to be the worst corporate violators of free speech in the world.

Banning competing political and social ideas is par for the course for the Leftist Multiculturalists — they are modern-day Stalinists; they are the Stasi of our times.

The machinations behind the deplatforming and debanking of Nationalists must be exposed. We welcome any information and documentation from whistleblowers within the social media and banking industries. Any sources providing information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

An essential part of living in a democracy means that all people of all political persuasions should have equal access to basic services; Nationalists expect this fair-handed treatment to exist as a matter of course, whilst the Leftist Multiculturalists are hell-bent on turning people who disagree with them into “non-persons”.

In this day and age of the Anti-Nation State and the Leftist Stasi, only Nationalists are the true democrats and supporters of freedom.

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