Coronavirus and the Nanny State

The Coronavirus restrictions are still ongoing, turning parts of Australia into something like a police state.

Chairman Dan of Victoria has declared a curfew, meaning that people are not allowed to leave their homes between the hours of 8pm and 5am. Wow! It’s like living in a Communist police state. Shades of Soviet Russia?

The government’s domestic over-reaction to the Coronavirus is killing our economy, turning this crisis into a situation which could damage our economic well-being for generations to come.

A realistic solution
The vast majority of Coronavirus victims are the elderly and people with severe medical issues. So, if we are going to have a lockdown, then rather than confining everybody in the country to their homes, it would be more logical to confine the “at risk” people in their domiciles, and let the country’s economy keep on running, rather than driving it into the ground.

The government could then ensure that the “at risk” people have careful and adequate access to food and services, which would cost far less than giving millions of taxpayers’ money to lots of people so that they can ride out the Coronavirus epidemic, as well as seeing thousands of small businesses being destroyed.

There has been talk that the impact of the Coronavirus isn’t as high as it is made out to be anyway, with hospitals marking down deaths as Coronavirus-related if those concerned were infected, even if they didn’t directly die of the Coronavirus. For example, if a Coronavirus-infected person, with a heart condition, died of a heart attack, it could be marked down as a Coronavirus-related death (even though they would have died irrespective of the Coronavirus). Unfortunately, it can be hard to uncover the full truth behind the Coronavirus fatality statistics.

Government authoritarianism
Either way, Australia doesn’t need a police state. However, the authoritarian nature of the government’s response is quite in line with the current trend towards a Nanny State dictatorship.

The Liberal and Labor types like to talk up about how they are committed to democracy, but they aren’t at all. When people publicly object to Multiculturalism, Islamification, Third World immigration, and the Great Replacement (and all of the ramifications thereof), they can be charged under the Establishment’s so-called “hate speech” laws (the term “hate speech” is actually just a spin-doctor phrase used to dress up the anti-democratic laws put in place to silence the ideological opponents of the Multiculturalist Establishment).

The Establishment’s ideological bent towards authoritarian is mirrored in the activities of their allies in the social media conglomerates, which have been banning and shadow-banning various voices of opposition to the mainstream viewpoint on the Coronavirus outbreak. As with other non-Establishment voices, dissenting opinions on the Coronavirus and its treatment having been disappearing down the Orwellian memory hole.

Considering that the Establishment has developed a taste for authoritarian, it was of little surprise that they decided to counter the Coronavirus by using their power to stop people from working, destroying many people’s businesses and livelihood.

They really don’t care about the democratic rights of the people.

One has to wonder how many people will end up committing suicide over losing their livelihood, businesses, and homes due to the government’s heavy-handed Coronavirus restrictions. Or, after the economy has tanked, and the government has to subsequently reduce hospital funding, how many people will die as a result.

Freedom or Nanny State?
Many Australians would rather have freedom than a dictatorial Nanny State.

Our country needs less government interference and more freedom.

Freedom or Nanny State: Which would you choose?


  1. Patricia Weller says

    Have just found your web page. So far most of the thoughts are same as mine. I have been talking” Fabians” etc for years. And the Lima Dec. and have watched ordinary people like me believe eveything the Govts. tell them without question.
    Thank goodness here is a site I can relate to. I fear for our country, unfortunately we seem to still have “the she’ll be right mate ” attitude . Why do humans NOT take lessons from history but keep on making same mistakes. Thank you

  2. Stan Claypole says

    The “Coronavirus” pandemic is a hoax. SARS-COV2 has never been isolated/purified in a lab (hence why any vaccine will be dodgy and guaranteed ineffective). They’re not testing for the virus, but for DNA sequencing, which is extrememly imprecise, and guaranteed to deliver false positives. It’s pure junk science to deliver propaganda. The real agenda is to create the scare, elevate the numbers and condition the world into accepting future police states/fear of germs, so that the World Economic Forum can bring in their “Great Reset” under the cover of a fake pandemic. Problem. Reaction. Solution. The Great Reset will mean major global monetary, financial, political, police state, technological reforms. This is the globalists long-planned New World Order being taken to the next level. UN Agenda 2030 a big part of it.

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