The truth behind the BLM rallies

Statement released by the Australian Coalition of Nationalists

The recent events in the USA regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as the subsequent BLM demonstrations in Australia (as well as in other countries) are of little surprise to astute political observers.

As per usual, the impetus behind all of these demonstrations comes from Communist and Cultural Marxist organisations, who are cynically and opportunistically using the death of George Floyd to push a Communist and anti-white agenda.

Communists are key figures within the BLM
It has been revealed that the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, are actually “trained Marxists” (to quote the exact words of Patrisse Cullors).

The Foundation for Economic Education has stated that “At the local level, official Black Lives Matter chapters are essentially far-left front groups that use racial justice as a Trojan horse for leftist policy and ideology”.

Similarly, the key involvement of Communists and Socialists in the BLM, both in the USA and Australia, has also been noted. For example, Paddy (Padraic) Gibson has been getting publicity in the media as a key organiser for the Black Lives Matter movement in Australia, but the mainstream media have avoided telling the public the full truth about him and his involvement in the Communist organisation Solidarity. It seems that some journalists are hiding the fact that the Far Left are behind the BLM in Australia, presumably either due to ignorance or an unwillingness to put a harsh spotlight on a movement with which they have political sympathies — either way, it’s shoddy journalism.

George Floyd’s death was not about racism
The killing of George Floyd was an example of bad policing techniques rather than “racism”. Indeed, there were two non-white policemen present at the scene who assisted Derek Chauvin with his treatment of Floyd by helping to subdue the suspect and by providing crowd control.

The “racism” angle is a manufactured piece of political theatre, cynically employed by the Radical Left in order to destabilize their enemy — “the white capitalist patriarchy” — as well as to use it in their propaganda war to demonise white people.

The Far Left in Australia is simply taking its cues from the Far Left in America. Once again, this shows the reactionary, derivative, and foreign-inspired nature of the Communist grouplets in Australia.

Astute observers of politics haven’t fallen for the “racism” narrative of the radical Left and the mainstream media, both of which are primarily comprised of anti-white political players with an ideological axe to grind.

The general public are being manipulated by the anti-white Left; they are being tricked and played for suckers by opportunistic Radical Leftists.

It is recommended that people research these events for themselves, rather than relying on the heavily-biased mainstream media. Revealing the truth behind the Establishment’s political agenda will help to wake up the people from the lies being fed to them.

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Statement released by the Australian Coalition of Nationalists:
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