Coronavirus, hypocrisy and Leftist demonstrators

An artist’s impression of the Chinese flag, with the iconography replaced by pictures of the Chinese Virus (Coronavirus, COVID-19).

From an APP member:

How incredible it is to see the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, now putting into place more restrictions on the freedoms of Victorians, due to a spike in Coronavirus cases, considering that his government may have allowed that increase to occur.

Is it just a coincidence that this spike comes shortly after the government and police allowed a big demonstration by Leftists in the city of Melbourne, where the usual COVID-19 rules were thrown out the window?

Indeed, is it just a coincidence that this large Leftist gathering was allowed to proceed under the watch of a Leftist government?

It is known that at least one Leftist at that rally was definitely infected with the Coronavirus, with some rally attendees “magically” acquiring it after the rally (but supposedly not at the rally itself — yeah, right).

How many others were infected at that protest, but didn’t inform the health authorities where they picked it up from, so as not to damage the rally’s image?

How many of those infected Leftists travelled to and from the demonstration on public transport, breathing on their fellow passengers, and spreading that deadly virus?

We should be outraged that police are handing out fines of $1600 to everyday Australians for “not having a legitimate reason to travel”, but then these same police (following the orders of their political masters, no doubt) will stand by and watch as a horde of Communists and other Leftists protest over some “Black Lives Matter” rubbish arranged by Cultural Marxist ideologues. Apparently three organisers of the rally were fined afterwards as a token gesture — big deal (as if that makes up for the police force standing idly by as thousands marched, packed in together like sardines in a tin).

All of this shows the double-standards and hypocrisy of Premier Daniel Andrews, the Labor government, the police, and the thousands of assorted Leftists who went to or supported the rally.

Once again, in the People’s Republic of Victoria, it’s one rule for us (true blue Aussies) and another rule for them (the politically-favoured).

Here’s a novel idea — how about applying the law equally to everyone?

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