The reality of China: A danger to the West

From an APP member:

The behaviour of Communist China in recent months should be a wake-up call for the Australian people.

The fact that the Chinese government initially covered up the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan speaks volumes about the mentality of the Chinese Communist Party. They would rather put the world in danger than admit to a mistake or a shortcoming.

The Australian government has quite properly called for an official investigation into the Chinese virus; they were the first government to do so, and this has raised the ire of the Chinese Communists. The Chinese ambassador to Australia has threatened our country with sanctions, because we were so bold as to demand the truth; the thinly-veiled threats were given along the lines of “the Chinese public may boycott Australian products or decide not to visit Australia in the future”. Shortly after the ambassador’s threats, as a “coincidence”, the Chinese government placed barriers on the importation into their country of Australian barley and meat. Typically, the two-faced Chinese communists claimed that this wasn’t done in retaliation over Australia’s demands for an investigation — but the Chinese Communist Party are a known bunch of liars.[1]

Even to the normally naive, the true face of the Chinese Communists is now obvious. China is like a schoolyard bully, who goes around punching kids in the face, and then claims that it was the fault of the victims.

From its damming of the Mekong Delta, to its claims over the lands of nearby countries (e.g. its ridiculous claiming of Phu Quoc Island, a tourist destination owned by the Vietnamese), China is showing us how it likes to treat its neighbours.[2]

China is a bully nation — it always has been, and probably always will be, so long as it is much more powerful than its neighbours. From the days of the Chinese empire grabbing lands surrounding it and demanding tribute from its neighbours, to modern Communist China bullying the countries of the South China Sea by making outrageously ridiculous and expansionist claims, the Chinese mentality is revealed.

China has claimed a huge amount (about 90%) of the South China Sea, called the “nine-dash line” (the name arose from China marking its maps of the Sea with a series of dashes, indicating its claimed area; due to its shape, the area is also known as the “cow’s tongue”). Nguyen Quang Dy has written that “Beijing is militarizing and controlling the South China Sea (as its own lake) banning Vietnamese from fishing and developing oil resources in their own waters”. China makes its claim on historical grounds (presumably from an era when China dominated the entire region). The claimed area is highly valuable, having large amounts of fossil fuel reserves and being rich in fishing resources, as well as containing strategically and economically important shipping lanes.[3]

China is like a bully seagull going after a scattering of thrown-away chips, squawking “They’re mine, they’re mine”, nipping at and chasing away the smaller and less-aggressive seagulls. However, when it comes right down to it, China is really only afraid of the US presence in the region — if the threat of American retaliation is withdrawn, then there’s no telling what China might do.

In world affairs the real madness is that, for many years, Western nations have been propping up Communist China. Greedy companies have been closing down factories in the West, and then setting them up in China — all to take advantage of the cheap labour and lax business regulations. In the process, these companies have been handing over to China huge amounts of technological know-how, giving China the cream of Western manufacturing ideas and technology — and, all because of this, because of the West helping them, the Chinese have experienced a boom in technology and prosperity.

So the industrial base of China has been enormously increased, whilst the industries of the West are being destroyed — all thanks to Western money-grubbing traitor businessmen (who are ideologically assisted by the Left-wing “no borders” brigade and the Right-wing “free trade” fools).

The capitalists of the West, in their scrabbling to get their 30 pieces of silver, have sold out their own nation so that they can achieve personal financial enrichment; in return, their own people get long-term national losses, such as the closure of factories, reduction of industrial defence capabilities, and an ongoing dependence upon a foreign country.

China is also being helped by traitor politicians, such as Adam Giles, the Northern Territory’s Chief Minister (Country Liberal Party), who leased the Port of Darwin to China for 99 years (saying it was “a fantastic outcome”), and Daniel Andrews, Victoria’s Premier (Labor Party), who arranged a Belt and Road Initiative with China. The ABC has noted that “Mr Andrews, like other Labor leaders before him, is a regular visitor to China”. It should be mentioned that leading politicians in the federal Liberal Party were upset with Giles handing over the Port of Darwin to the Chinese, just as Andrews’ colleagues in the federal Labor Party were highly unimpressed with his placing of Victoria in China’s orbit.[4]

However, for Daniel Andrews, having a deal with China is a win-win situation. Not only do the actions of the Leftist Premier help ensconce a Leftist foreign power into Victoria, but any criticism of his relationship with China could actually bolster his standing amongst Chinese people in Australia. As Noel Towell pointed out in The Age, “The Victorian Labor Party used the politics of the state’s controversial Belt and Road agreement with China as an electoral weapon to help the Andrews government win votes in three seats with a high number of Chinese-Australians”.[5]

This has all been going on, despite an official awareness of Chinese espionage against Australia, including the financial influencing of Australian politicians, as well as an alleged plot to have a Chinese spy placed into parliament.[6]

China is run by a totalitarian communist government; the country is ruled by a regime of police state bullies; the people live in fear of “stepping out of line”. It’s exactly the sort of government that the West shouldn’t be helping. If the Chinese communist minority was white and the majority of the Chinese people were black, then the media would’ve orchestrated an international boycott years ago (as they did with South Africa) — but, since the regime is a Leftist one, steeped in Leftist icons (such as Mao Tse-tung), it doesn’t suit the mainstream media’s Leftist agenda to destroy the Chinese government.

University academic Tony Walker (an adjunct professor at the Leftist-dominated La Trobe University), in an article published on the Leftist-dominated site “The Conversation”, says that the Australian Prime Minister’s call for an investigation into the Chinese virus was an “unwise intervention in the debate about China’s responsibility for a coronavirus pandemic”. Apparently, according to Walker, Australia should have kept quiet on the matter. Leftist apologists for China have been saying similar things.[7]

Differing views were offered by commentators on Walker’s article. David Francis Ross wrote “This article … is pure political gamesmanship”, whilst Jose Cronero said “China must be patting themselves on the back with the success of their propaganda campaigns. Even their most outrageous rhetoric is quickly mimicked by the leftist, apologist commentariat in Australia. … we should be looking at re-engineering our industries to be less reliant on China. We should be making steel to export to the world instead of coal and iron ore to China”.

Isn’t it interesting how Leftist activists, academics, and journalists have been crying crocodile tears over the possible damage to Australia’s economy from a trade bust-up with China, but that was never the case with levying economic sanctions against countries like South Africa. Of course, Australia stands to lose more if a full-on trade war with China occurs (with the possible outcome being that Australia may have to learn to economically stand on its own feet); however, is it just a coincidence that Leftists are deploring the fact that the Australian government has politically criticized a Leftist country? If this was a fight against a white fascist country, the Leftists would be saying “Ignore the money, let’s fight for social justice!”

It is also of interest to note that China is pushing a similar line as Tony Walker, with the Chinese newspaper Global Times saying “it would be extremely dangerous for Canberra to become a player in a diplomatic club led by the US, given Australia’s high dependence on the Chinese economy. Once Australia is regarded as a supporter of the US in a “new Cold War,” China-Australia economic ties will inevitably suffer a fatal blow.”[8]

Australia is far too dependent upon China, to the point of it being almost ludicrous. Australian patriots would do well to heed the words of Vicky Xiuzhong Xu, who wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald, “For Australia, the road of diversification will be bumpier for some industries than others. … But the point is to begin thinking long-term, and recognise that sectors overly dependent on China are a strategic vulnerability.” This is the sort of thinking that Australian nationalists have been advocating for decades — but our warnings went unheeded by the traitors of the Liberal and Labor parties (who dismantled Australia’s tariff barriers), “free trade” economic rationalists, and money-grubbing businessmen.[9]

The fact is that Communist China is one of the most evil countries on the planet. It shouldn’t be news to anyone that China is a nasty dictatorship; as Vicky Xiuzhong Xu has said, “the Chinese Communist Party rules with an unyielding iron fist, throwing dissenters – journalists, activists, ethnic minorities – in jail on trumped-up charges”.[10]

Yet the West has been building up the Chinese dragon for years, increasing China’s industrial, technological, and military capabilities; this is madness. Western capitalists have made a deal with the Devil — but now it’s time to cancel the contract and win back our souls.

For the West to fund the rise of China is as crazy as it would have been for the Jews to fund Hitler, or for the Christians to fund Stalin. To finance the evil empire of China is to build up a dastardly foe, who is likely to one day become our greatest enemy and our worst nightmare.

It’s time for all of the nations of the West to stop sending Western technology to China, and to stop setting up factories in that country. It’s time to reverse the flow of industrial build-up, away from the East and back to the West.

However, we require more than just economic change. A major part of the much-needed modern Western renaissance is to throw off the mental chains of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness — ideologies grown and promoted by the hordes of communist and neo-communist parasites infesting Western universities — and to rebuild confidence and pride in Western culture and civilisation.

We can do all of this — so long as our people open their eyes to the truth, and staunchly develop the moral fortitude and the political will needed to win back their collective future.

If Western Civilisation is to survive in the long run, then it must establish its own industrial capabilities, stop funding its enemies, and rebuild its faith in its own destiny.

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