One law for some

With the easing of the Coronavirus restrictions, Australians are starting to get some of their freedoms back. For most people, this was their first taste of what it must be like to live in a police state (albeit one far from the excesses of authoritarian communism and fascism).

People being fined $1600 by police for driving to a park to go mountain biking (for exercise), for sitting on a park bench whilst eating, or for going fishing, is not a good situation. There seems to be a modern tendency to give the police ever-increasing powers over citizens — powers which can easily be misapplied, misused, or abused, especially by those police who lack the maturity to use reasonable discretion or who are petty tyrants with ego problems.

The situation of a fine being issued for a mother giving her daughter a driving lesson is a case in point; the fine, for “non-essential travel”, was later rescinded, but only after the case received a lot of negative publicity in the media. How many other miscarriages of justice were not reported on?

Muslim wedding defies Coronavirus regulations

However, it seems that there is a lot more leniency given to certain ethnic minorities under a Multiculturalist regime. Take the case of the Muslim wedding, where the bride, groom, and 30 guests were clearly ignoring the government’s much-vaunted lockdown regulations. The police rolled up, told them they were being naughty, issued no fines, and then left.

On Reddit, one person commented

“Uh.. why were they given a free pass? Trick question. We know why.”

If that was an Australian wedding, the outcome would most likely have been very different — the police would have issued everyone with $1600 fines — but, if you’re a Muslim, you can get away with a lot more. It brings to mind the police telling Lauren Southern that she wasn’t allowed to walk freely around Lakemba (NSW), because it’s a Muslim-dominated suburb.

It appears that, under the rule of Multiculturalism, there are two sets of standards — one for the Australians and one for those people who are considered a “protected species” (in effect, it’s one law for some, and another law for others).

The fact is that Multiculturalist regimes can’t be trusted to treat everyone equally. Indeed, it is well-known that they don’t; certain groups are given special favours and are often awarded legal free passes.

Nor can Multiculturalist regimes be trusted when it comes to issues of individual freedom; the political laws against freedom of speech are but one example.

It should come as no surprise that the Multiculturalists’ response to the Coronavirus outbreak was to issue draconian regulations, rather than institute more flexible measures. Scratch a Multiculturalist and you’ll find a police state wannabe underneath.

As these recent times have shown — under Multiculturalism, Australians should expect to receive worse treatment at the hands of the authorities, compared to those belonging to the Multiculturalists’ favoured minorities.

Under the rule of the Multiculturalists, if you feel as though you’re being treated like a second-class citizen, it’s probably because you are.

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