The ABC, police raids, and media hypocrisy

From an APP member:

The raids by the Federal Police on the offices of the ABC has brought forth howls of horror from the media apparatchiks, who have been moaning about the threats to freedom of speech in this country.

Of course, the mainstream media are the harlots of hypocrisy when it comes to free speech. In other circumstances they would applaud the big boot of the state as it stomped down upon the rights of persecuted patriots who had dared to criticize the state-ideology of Multiculturalism and the massive amount of Third World immigration that goes with it.

Anything the media and their anti-Australian allies say on controversial topics is treated as “an opinion”, but anything nationalists and traditionalists say on such subjects is deemed “hate speech”. It brings to mind the saying “One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist” — except, in this case, “One man’s free speech is another man’s hate speech”.

As for the ABC (known to some as the “Anti-white Bastard Communists”, due to the ABC’s decidedly Leftist political bias), what if their snide anti-Conservative comments and anti-Australian propaganda were just simply described as “hate speech”? The Cultural Marxists at the ABC hate true blue Australians and hate the wealthy white West — so, surely they should be happy if they are raided due to “hate speech”? After all, in the current situation, their undermining of the government’s secrecy policy could be described as “hate speech” too (hate for the government, perhaps). What an easy world the Left must live in, when all they have to do is to describe any opponent’s opinions or actions as “hate speech” or a “hate crime”, and therefore denigrate, delegitimize, and demonize their opponent’s point of view. Maybe it’s time we returned the favour.

However, were the recent actions of the ABC actually to do with free speech, or more to do with committing a crime by publishing classified information? Free speech is about discussing ideas and opinions, whereas publishing military-related secret and classified information is more in the realm of criminal activity.

What if the Leftist ABC was to publish information leading to the capture, interrogation, and/or killing of Australian intelligence officers overseas — would that be free speech, or would it be treason?

Whilst this article neither supports nor condemns the raids on the ABC, it should be noted that this case exemplifies the Left’s stand on freedom of speech. They demand that people who disagree with them should be fined, jailed, and/or crushed under the jackboot of the law, but then recoil in horror when that same jackboot stomps down on them. Hypocrisy, thy name is Leftism.

It’s also noteworthy to read about how the Federal Police negotiated with the ABC’s lawyers over what they should and shouldn’t take. Compare that to police raids on patriots, where the police just take whatever they want. We should take a moment to remember the police raids upon Pauline Hanson’s One Nation some years ago — where were the screams of outrage from the mainstream media then? What about the politically-inspired persecution of the Bendigo Three patriots — did the ABC rush to their defence? Of course they didn’t. The mainstream media (including the ABC) believe in freedom of speech for themselves and their fellow-travellers, but not for those who they vehemently disagree with.

Unlike the mainstream media, the Australian Protectionist Party is committed to freedom of speech and democracy. Unlike the ABC, we believe that every Australian should have the right to openly discuss any topic, be it of a cultural, economic, historical, political, and/or social nature. The only restrictions upon freedom of speech should be those generally accepted exceptions, such as defamation (civil law), direct incitement to violence (criminal law), and classified defence secrets; apart from that, all opinions, on any subject, should be able to be publicly expressed without fear of oppression from government or the law (whether or not political opponents try to demonize such opinions by calling them “hate speech”).

The whole “hate speech” bogey man is a crock — it is simply a biased and politicized propaganda tool developed by Leftists to use against those who speak the truth as they see it.

As for the ABC — maybe true blue Australians would have had some sympathy for their predicament, if they hadn’t been the ones supporting the legal oppression of dissenting political viewpoints in the first place. The ABC are a pack of hypocrites, complaining about moves against their “free speech”, but supporting the oppression of patriotic free speech, with the ABC insultingly and derogatorily describing valid political opinions as “hate speech”.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation was originally designed to carry out unbiased news reporting and to show some quality programming — but they have strayed very far from those ideals, instead becoming a propaganda mouthpiece for Leftist journalists.

It’s not “your ABC”, it’s the Cultural Marxists’ ABC — and true blue Australians shouldn’t have to fund the ABC’s Leftist propaganda. The ridiculous advertising campaign by the ABC, describing their political propaganda machine as “Your ABC”, has got to be one of the sickest jokes in the history of Australian democracy.

The police may be raiding the ABC over possible federal crimes, but the real crime is that the government let the ABC be taken over by Cultural Marxists in the first place. If the main thing that the ABC can be relied upon to produce is anti-Australian propaganda, then it’s time to get rid of it altogether — the Leftist journalists of the ABC should peddle their propaganda at their own expense, not at the expense of the Australian people.

Maurice Newman, a past ABC chairman (2007-2012), recently wrote: “The truth is that the mantra that “there is no bias at the ABC” is a myth. It is a lie, repeated over and over in an effort to hide the reality that the ABC is a left-wing sanctuary. How else to explain its obsessive, often fanciful, coverage of US President Donald Trump, its unceasing apocalyptic views on climate change, its superficial one-sided commentary on immigration and identity, its anti-business mentality and hostility towards the Catholic Church? Even ABC Kids feels compelled to rap a lesson on white male privilege.

The Leftist bias at the ABC is well-known. It is little wonder that there have been calls for it to be privatised, as it is no longer fulfilling its required role as a politically-neutral broadcaster. However, it is far better that the ABC continues to operate, so long as it is politically-neutral or even-handed; but there’s little point in the public continuing to fund a politically-biased mouthpiece of Cultural Marxism.

Therefore, it is essential that the ABC be reformed into an organisation which gives unbiased news reports and unbiased current affairs shows. Any journalist or producer who cannot produce politically-neutral or even-handed content must be replaced with honest staff who are willing and able to create content in an unbiased fashion, for that lies at the heart of what the ABC is meant to be.

As the ABC is a taxpayer-funded body, it must be accountable to the people. It is essential that the organisation abides by its rules of political neutrality (part of its very basis for existing), to present “accurate and impartial” news and information, rather than function as a cultural beachhead for anti-Australian propaganda; after all, it’s meant to be “our ABC”.

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  1. Top secret means just that, TOP SECRET! Has everyone gone mad? The media has no right to leak this so called news and has to be brought to heel. What do you want? These communist and whatever getting our secrets. No, our government – although not perfect – has to look after our country’s interests and just imagine if they didn’t? They would be nafed if the didn’t and nafed if they did. Get real, WTF are you going to do to protect our country from these a–holes?
    Eddy 🇦🇺.

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