Blair Cottrell discusses nationalism with brave African man in groundbreaking studio debate

Kwaku Adjei, Blair Cottrell, and Dia Beltran

Wednesday 8th May 2019 marked a landmark day in Australian media history. Not the mainstream media, of course, as they would be way too politically correct to even consider hosting an event of the nature that took place.

We’re talking about the alternative media. Dia Beltran is a leading figure in the rising Australian alt media. Her YouTube channel has a rapidly growing subscriber base, as Australians, hungry for NPC (not politically correct) content, seek to hear voices from outside of the establishment-controlled media.

Dia has interviewed many alternative and conservative figures on her channel, including recently, Senator Fraser Anning, as well as conservative activist Daisy Cousens, known for her criticism of Leftism and feminism.

On the day in question, the studio hosted a debate/discussion between well-known Australian nationalist figure Blair Cottrell (demonised and banned by the mainstream media), and Kwaku Adjei, an African-Australian of Ghanaian ancestry.

Kwaku, to his credit, is clearly NPC and an independent thinker, who was not afraid to match his wits against Blair Cottrell. As if to demonstrate his NPC credentials, and to take the mickey out of stereotypes about Negro people, he was occasionally munching on fried chicken during the show.

Kwaku is clearly a man of some intelligence, and considerable courage, as no doubt he would have outraged the PC Leftist crowd for having even dared to be in the studio and being prepared to discuss issues that Leftists don’t want discussed.

The physical contrast between Cottrell and Kwaku as they sat next to each other was most striking. Cottrell is a white man of northern European ancestry, whilst Kwaku is a very dark-skinned black man of West African ancestry.

In good faith, the two gentlemen respectfully and politely discussed the issues, just like two adults should be able to do. Hopefully, many people will watch the video, and learn a few things about nationalists and nationalism.

You can watch the video yourself at the link below.

Dia Beltran’s YouTube channel (El Dia Opina) can be found at:


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