Remembering Bob Hawke

Traitor politicians Malcolm Fraser (left) and Bob Hawke (right) having a laugh together.

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So, Bob Hawke is dead. The silver-haired icon of the Left has carked it, kicked the bucket, shuffled off his mortal coil, etc.
Multiculturalists and Cosmopolitans are crying copious tears over the passing of the “Silver Bodgie”, one of their favourite Labor Party Prime Ministers.

However, not everyone is a fan of Hawke.
There are those of us who remember what he did to our brothers and sisters in the once-great nation of South Africa.
Bob Hawke played a significant role in destroying white-ruled South Africa and ensuring that it was handed over to the communist-terrorist group, the African National Congress.
With the advent of such a backward regime, there were consequences.
Under black rule, South Africa has since become one of the worst countries on Earth for killings and corruption.
Thousands of murders have been the result of Hawke’s machinations, and he is responsible for those deaths. He died with his hands covered in the blood of his many victims.

In order to screw over the South Africans, Hawke even enlisted the help of Malcolm Fraser, past Prime Minister of the so-called conservative Liberal Party. Together they lobbied for sanctions against the old South Africa, both in Australia and overseas, beating the small country into submission until it was battered and bruised and bleeding. Eventually the weak-link politicians in South Africa crumbled.
Oh, how Hawke and Fraser must have laughed and laughed. Those two faces of evil must have revelled in the demise of civilisation in that small corner of the Dark Continent.

In Australia, Bob Hawke was a major pusher of the political ideology of Multiculturalism.
Under the rule of himself and his fellow travellers, Multiculturalist propaganda was regurgitated throughout the country by the bucketload (both at federal and state level).
Education departments spewed forth mountains of propaganda to indoctrinate all the suggestible little kiddies, many of whom have grown up with the idea that they love Multiculturalism because that’s the ideology they chose, just like so many North Koreans have grown up with the idea that they love Communism because that’s the ideology they chose — no, sorry guys, you were all brainwashed by teachers with a political agenda.

Twinned to his pedalling of the state ideology of Multiculturalism was his push for Third World immigration. Under Hawke, the idea of the “Asianisation of Australia” took hold, which he and his cronies thought was a wonderful idea.
At the same time, he was instructing his minions to minimise the migration of whites from South Africa, because “they might be racists”.
Uh huh, it’s pretty obvious whose side Bob Hawke was on — and it certainly wasn’t on the side of his kith and kin.

And who can forget him single-handedly making the decision to let in 30,000 Chinese immigrants, without consulting the federal cabinet. He was certainly getting into the swing of things, of being a dictatorial leader.

The Australia Card scheme that he promoted shouldn’t be forgotten either. It was a national identification scheme that would be a very useful tool for a police state — which, in many ways, is a destination we have been headed for, for some years (just as has been happening in other countries, like Great Britain and Canada). The Australia Card would have gone down a real treat in Communist Russia or Nazi Germany, and Bob Hawke thought it was a great idea. However, the public outcry against the scheme was so great that the politicians shelved it (also because they were being stymied by the Senate) — and then the Hawke Government promptly came out with the universal Tax File Number scheme, which was just a different way of introducing a national identification scheme, so they completed their police state objective to a large extent anyway.

Hawke was definitely a dodgy politician, which should be pretty clear to anyone who hasn’t drunk the Kool Aid put out by the Leftists and Multiculturalists.

So, yeah, we remember you, Bob Hawke — thanks for nothing.

Goodbye and good riddance.


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