Katter Cucks versus Fraser Anning

Maverick senator Fraser Anning has been dropped from Katter’s Australian Party, following negative rumblings amongst the KAP leadership over Anning’s right to support Australia’s traditional immigration policies (i.e. those policies which aimed to keep Australia as a predominantly European nation).

This move against Anning should not be surprising to most astute political analysts; indeed, it had been predicted by some. The KAP leadership largely consists of Civic Patriots (sometimes known as “Cucks”, a term derived from the fact that many Cuckoo birds lay their eggs in the nests of other birds — whereby those other birds are “cucked”, or tricked, into looking after the interests of “foreign” birds, instead of focusing on their own kith and kin). What was surprising was that the Cucks of the KAP welcomed Anning in the first place. However, it’s likely that a significant number of Katter Party supporters would be very disappointed with the KAP executive’s decision

Described as maverick himself, Bob Katter has always been a “mixed bag” in Australian politics — often acting in the best interests of the nation (especially regarding our farming communities), but sometimes not. Despite the fact that Katter has some Lebanese ancestry, he has in the past made comments indicating some support for a predominantly European Australia, saying “we will be a vanishing race if we keep putting barriers to migration from our traditional homelands”. However, he has also supported Sikh and Filipino immigration into Australia.

The president of the KAP, Shane Paulger, has said that they supported the immigration into Australia of “persecuted minorities” from the Middle East and North Africa, as well as saying — incredibly — that there should be “no restrictions” on Pacific Islanders migrating here. It is quite clear that the KAP does not have the best interests of the Australian people at heart; instead, they advocate that foreign countries put their eggs into our nest, so that our nation’s time and effort will be spent on those foreigners, instead of our own people.

As far as we can see, Senator Fraser Anning is the only politician in the Australian parliament, at this current time, who appears willing to go the extra mile to defend the interests of traditional Australia.

It may be that Senator Anning will decide to look for a new political home; in that case, going by the sentiments expressed in his maiden speech, the Australian Protectionist Party would be more than happy to welcome him in; however, if he decides to remain as an independent, or even start a new party, then he still has our best wishes and support.

The Australian parliament long ago became a part of the elitist anti-Australian swamp which is destroying our country; if Fraser Anning is going to try to drain that swamp, and scrub our parliament clean, then more power to his elbow!

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  1. Its gone well beyond us being able to escape our predicament politically. The elites in Canberra just won’t, or can’t help us. They pretend to be tough with border protection….by removing Swedish overstayers, whilst would-be Jihadists remain at large.
    They provide incentives for young engineers to join the automotive industry…..after allowing all our carmakers to go offshore.
    Utterly useless swine, the lot of them.
    Maybe one day we can figure out how to get our nation back where we have full employment, harmonious communities and a strong unique culture…..but it can’t be done at the ballet box. Its well past that.

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