Ann Coulter and other patriots to tour Australia

Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos will be touring Australia in November and December 2018.

Apparently Fraser Anning and Tommy Robinson will be joining them, so that will be good news for those who support Australia’s traditional immigration policies and those who are wary of Islam.

Details can be found on the “” website.

This tour continues the wave of patriotic speakers who have been coming out to our country, giving patriotic and conservative views a boost, as a piece of common sense relief for the public, who have been subjected to decades of Leftism and anti-nationalism haranguing and brainwashing via the taxpayer-funded universities and the taxpayer-funded ABC and SBS propaganda machines.

As we have already pointed out, in our previous article about the 2018 tour by Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, it is to be expected that there will be various aspects of their views which Australian nationalists won’t agree with, but that is of little concern, as patriots need to cast a wide net in the search for allies in the fight against the anti-Western Establishment.

No doubt there will be some protests by assorted Leftists and Multiculturalists. Actually, going on past experiences, they will do more than protest. Political protests are fine, as that is part of having a democracy and freedom of speech; but there are those loony Leftists and madcap Multiculturalists who want to shut down, or hinder access to, people they disagree with — that is the hallmark of authoritarianism, whether it be that of fascism or communism, and that is not what we want in this country.

We need to support these patriotic and conservative speakers, whether we agree with everything they say or not, because “it’s all grist for the mill” — these speakers are Red Pilling the wider public, showing them that the Leftist and Multiculturalist propaganda is a load of anti-Australian rubbish.

It’s a long process, but it is happening, and the public dialogue is shifting our way. The days of living under the heels of the jackboots of the Leftist and Multiculturalist commissars are numbered.

The more people that are woken to the truth by these speakers, the better it will be for our nation.

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