The Australian people want immigration reduced but will the elites listen?

The maiden speech in the Australian senate by Queensland Senator Fraser Anning on 14 August 2018 has recently stirred up a hornet’s nest in Australian politics.

Anning is a former One Nation stalwart, who had fallen out with leader Pauline Hanson, claiming that “she [Hanson] made my position pretty much untenable with her conditions.” He had sat in the Senate as an independent, until he was persuaded to join Katter’s Australian Party.

Anning’s maiden speech to the Senate was undoubtedly ground breaking. It contained a great deal of common sense, and, critically, attacked Cultural Marxism and Australia’s current immigration policy. Anning also suggested stopping all Muslim immigration (a policy advocated by the Australian Protectionist Party since our very beginning in 2007).

Anning suggested a national plebiscite as a “final solution” to Australia’s unwanted mass immigration, a trigger term which was possibly deliberately used to provoke Leftist outrage and gain some much-needed attention for this important issue, which has been long ignored by Australia’s elitist establishment. If that is so, then his tactic certainly worked.

Even Anning’s former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson joined the pile-on against him, saying she was “appalled” by Anning’s comments.

But it seemed that the average Australian “normie” was not. A major ABC poll, held on 15 August 2018, 75 per cent of 38,400 respondents said Anning should not apologise for his speech.

Significantly the poll was taken in the south east corner of Queensland, taking in Brisbane. But will the elites listen to what ordinary Australians want?

Will newly-crowned Liberal Party Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who once himself reportedly suggested a stop to Muslim immigration, take heed?

We won’t hold our breath. The make-up of Morrison’s new cabinet, which excluded Tony Abbott and included Christopher Pyne as defence minister, and Marise Payne as new foreign minister, looks to be a reward for party “moderates” who backed Morrison over the more reportedly conservative Peter Dutton in the recent Liberal Party leadership ballot.

Instead of any significant move to the Right, Scott Morrison may well end up being nothing more than Malcolm Turnbull Mark II.

Presumably the civil war within the Liberal Party will continue, and many disgruntled supporters will continue to look for alternatives who favour reducing immigration, nationalism, and traditional values.

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  1. Brian Stickland says

    In order to save our National Identity and to stop the breaking up of our Aussie communities by the rise of minority group communities developing in the midst of our Aussie communities – the immigration act should be changed so that only Western people are welcomed to Australia.
    We know this will not happen under the Coalition or Labor governments since they are heavily left leaning parties, in spite of the Coalition denying this.
    Personally I, like so many other Brits would want to see all Indian and Pakistani migration stopped in Australia since I left the UK many years ago because my British community was swamped with migration from India and Pakistan – I found myself living in an Asian community which was extremely uncomfortable. We have nothing in common with these people and the cultural differences are so huge that the social divide is massive.
    Yet Australia refuses to acknowledge this history and are intent on making the same huge mistake claiming that the economic benefits out sway the social challenges that are presented by allowing these people to come in by the 1000’s and swamp our Aussie communities.

  2. In Australian politics you have the party that supports massive third world immigration, the offshoring of our jobs, gay marriage, safe spaces, leftist agendas, mixed marriages, African immigration,Chinese buy ups of out real estate, importing cheap Indian labor……and then you have the Labor/Greens party.
    The Liberal party (what you’d call ‘Cuckservatives’ in America or Britain) stands for nothing, and has no principles. That they can call themselves ‘Conservatives’ is astounding, given they don’t actually conserve anything. Todays true conservatives are labeled ‘far right’ when all they really are is what the main parties used to be…..pure common sense.
    End white guilt….not white people.

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