Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux coming to Australia

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux will be touring Australia and New Zealand in July 2018. They will be speaking at meetings in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland. It would be well worthwhile for patriots to support this tour (for further details, see the Axiomatic website).

Lauren Southern is a well-known journalist and video presenter, she has worked for Rebel Media (Canada), has her own popular YouTube channel, and has written a book on some of the issues facing the Western world.

Stefan Molyneux is the host of Freedomain Radio, with a popular channel on YouTube, where he discusses philosophical and political topics, often addressing matters relevant to the current decline of the West.

It is to be expected that there will be various aspects of their views which Australian nationalists won’t agree with; we can hardly be expected to agree with every opinion they hold — but that is of little concern. If you only want to talk to people who agree with you on everything, then you’d probably end up talking to your mirror. Patriots need to cast a wide net in the search for allies in the fight against the anti-Western Establishment.

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux are part of a wave of new talent who have come to prominence in the last few years, all of whom are fighting aspects of the decline of the West. Milo Yiannopoulos and Professor Jordan Peterson, who have already toured Australia separately, are another two; and we can also note the influence of various other people upon the public, such as Paul Joseph Watson, Bre Faucheux, Steven Crowder, Faith Goldy, Gavin McInnes, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Brittany Pettibone, Richard Spencer, Mark Collett, and many others. On the Australian scene, we have witnessed the political re-emergence of Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham, along with political commentators such as Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine.

Are all of the foregoing people perfect? Of course not. Do we agree with them on all issues? No. The pertinent point is that they are helping to educate the public on various matters that dovetail in with our own concerns.

We are part of a fight for not only the survival of the Australian nation, but also for the very existence of Western Civilisation — because every Western nation in the world is fighting for its survival against the ravages of Islamification, Third World immigration, multiculturalism, multiracialism, and Cultural Marxism.

As part of that fight, we should be gathering up as many allies as we can — and we should be helping each other on as many fronts (or topics) as we reasonably can (or, at the very least, not sabotaging the efforts of those allies, or “half-allies”, who are useful in various areas). On some issues we may be at loggerheads with some of these cultural-political allies, but we have to weigh in the balance whether they are fulfilling a useful role in awakening, or “red pilling”, the general public on various issues. We should consider ourselves fortunate that there are now so many people coming forward to fight the packs of pernicious politicians, the armies of appalling academics, and the miscreants of the mainstream media.

There are many factors that have brought about the rise of so many people willing to critique the Globalists, Multiculturalists, and their fellow travellers who are hell-bent on the destruction of Western Civilisation:

1) The increase of Islamification in many Western nations, and the threat of Islamic terrorism — both of which have started the political awakening of many people.

2) The looming demise of the West, being brought about by Third World immigration, multiculturalism, multiracialism, Islamification, cultural pluralism, and Cultural Marxism — a state of affairs which is so bad, that it is galvanising many people to action.

3) The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States — his success has legitimised political and social opposition to the anti-Western activists and the anti-national Establishment.

4) The increasing presence and prominence of non-Establishment voices on the internet, and the emergence of alternative new media outlets which are not dominated by anti-Western shills — these non-Establishment players are “red pilling” the public to a significant extent.

5) The demise of the mainstream media with its constant stream of anti-Western and anti-national propaganda — which is therefore reducing the extent of the brainwashing inflicted upon the public by the Cultural Marxists and traitors in the media.

As part of the five-pronged “perfect storm” mentioned above, we are being given an opportunity to push the Globalists and Cultural Marxists off the cultural-political high ground — so that now Patriots and Nationalists can storm the hill of cultural dominance and set up camp. At this stage the Globalists and Multiculturalists still dominate the mainstream media, but the propaganda output of those traitors and brainwashers is becoming less effective.

Now is not the time to be undermining those who agree with us on various issues. Let them storm the Establishment-held hill beside us; many of them have far better resources and a bigger demographic reach than we do. We can debate other points with them later on.

Now is the time for us to help sweep aside those traitors who have been dominating our society for too long. It is time for us to clear away those anti-Western authoritarians who would demonise their political opponents and delegitimise any ideas which are different to their own. Now is the time for us enter the Cultural War in earnest, and in great numbers, and win!

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