Anzac Day 2018: Lest we forget

From an APP member

Anzac Day is a time when Australians stop to remember the heroism and sacrifices of all the men and women who served, fought, and died in the service of the Australian nation.

It is a day which is sacred to the memory of all those brave people.

This day is not only a solemn commemoration; it is also a celebration of the bravery and fighting spirit which has been displayed by Australia’s soldiers, sailors, and pilots.

Whilst we should always bear in mind, throughout the entire year, those who served on our behalf, it is on days like these that we, as a community, are specifically encouraged to take the time to honour their memory.

* * *

It is a sad fact that some Multiculturalists are using this sacred day to spit upon the graves of our military heroes.

There is a campaign underway at present for Cultural Marxists to spread propaganda on Anzac Day, along the lines of “Lest we forget: Manus Island”, being a reference to the refugees accommodated on that tropical paradise at the expense of Australia. Cultural Marxists think it’s a great idea to spit in the face of our soldiers by disrespecting the day in such a manner.

Most people will no doubt remember a similar line of propaganda which was pushed by Yassmin Abdel-Magied in April 2017 (for those who’ve forgotten, she’s an African Muslim leftist journalist who unfortunately holds Australian citizenship). When there was an uproar about her insensitive and offensive anti-Australian message, she apologised profusely.

But guess what? Here we are a year later, and what was her response to the campaign to repeat her 2017 propaganda? She has declared her full support for it! So, it’s a fair assumption that her apology was all a con, a lie, a trick — Yassmin Abdel-Magied wasn’t sorry at all (she was only sorry at the bad publicity she got).

* * *

Australia doesn’t need any fake refugees. We don’t need “country shoppers” who bypass a hundred other safe havens in their “flight from oppression”, when in fact they are just dodgy economic immigrants who are using “asylum seeking” just to get to Australia without going through the proper immigration procedures like everyone else has to.

Nor do we need any Cultural Marxists who want to spit on the memories of our heroes on Anzac Day.

What our nation needs is a new wave of Anzacs, a new generation of diggers, who are willing to come to the defence of our national heritage and culture, and who are ready to stand up and fight for the survival of our people.

* * *

On Anzac Day, remember our diggers and what they fought for: Democracy, freedom of speech, and a predominantly white Australia (all of the things that Multiculturalists and their fellow Cultural Marxists are undermining); those were the patriotic principles that our Anzac heroes believed in and fought for — and we should always remember that.

Lest we forget.

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