South African refugees are welcome here!

We welcome the recent comments from Minister Peter Dutton, suggesting that white South Africans be accepted into Australia as refugees (fleeing from black violence and murder).

Of course, Australian nationalists have been advocating for years that white South Africans be granted admission into our country as refugees — they are under constant danger in their native homeland, and they are compatible with our people both in culture and ethnicity, are hardworking, and would be a boon to our nation.

However, forgive us for being dubious about the intentions of the Liberal Party towards the South Africans. It was the Liberal ex-PM Malcolm Fraser who sold out Southern Africa — with the support of both the Liberal Party and the Labor Party.

One has to wonder if any interest expressed by the Liberals regarding the welfare of white South Africans was merely a political game, whereby the Liberal Party hierarchy let one of their “pet conservatives” off the leash, so as to encourage conservative voters to flock to the Liberal Party to lend their support, whilst the party leadership continue on their merry way, dismissing the plight of the whites in South Africa (in fact, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is already downplaying any moves to alleviate the plight of South Africans). Politics in Multiculturalist Australia is an ongoing series of treacherous and callous games.

Quite frankly, neither Liberal nor Labor can be trusted when it comes to the welfare of the Australian people, nor with giving assistance to our kinfolk in South Africa. The Liberal Party’s few conservative members (or partly-conservative, as the case may be) may be used as a pressure valve by the Liberals; however, if they go too far they may end up without their Liberal Party franchise, as happened with Senator Cory Bernadi (or as happened with Graeme Campbell with the Labor Party).

The deliberate hand-over of power by the politicians of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa to the black population didn’t work out so well — resulting in those countries transforming from the bread baskets of Africa to the basket cases of Africa. Their economies have plummeted, crime is rampant, and the murder rate is through the roof — especially of white farmers. Who would have thought both countries would have ended up in such a mess? In fact, the result was easily foreseen, and predicted, by everyone with a proper sense of reality.

Ian Cameron, a spokesman for AfriForum, said “A farmer has 4.5 times more chance of being murdered in South Africa, than an average South African. That means a farmer is three times more likely to be murdered in South Africa than a police officer in this country.”

The economist Russell Lamberti has researched farm attacks in South Africa. One report on his findings states that “if you compare the murder rates of male farmers to males in the same socioeconomic class‚ the rate of murder could be at least three to four times higher and possibly as much as 10 times higher”.

It has been said that the murder rate of white farmers in South Africa is worse than the death rate of US soldiers during the Gulf War — apparently, it is safer to go to war than it is to be a white South African farmer.

The death rate of white farmers in South Africa is not just a matter of murder — whites are routinely tortured, raped, maimed, and disfigured in such horrific and horrendous acts of bloody brutality, that it would give any normal person the horrors just to see the dead and defiled bodies, and hear the sad stories of the violence inflicted on the victims.

The farm attacks in South Africa are primarily motivated by racial hatred against white people. A report from AfriForum affirms this: “The extreme brutality of farm murders is in most cases totally unrelated to the value of the items stolen in such attack, leading one to suspect that robbery is often not the motive in these crimes.”

Making matters worse, there is evidence that black police are active participants in some of the farm attacks. Unlike in white-run South Africa, becoming a policeman in black-run South Africa is more to do with corruption and political connections than it is to do with ability and professionalism. Considering the current corruption and incompetence now widely existing in the new South African police, it should be no surprise that farm attacks and farm murders usually go unpunished, and such cases are treated with a degree of disinterest and disdain.

There are those who say that we should ignore our kinfolk being tortured and murdered. Various unfeeling and nasty Leftists and Green activists (watermelons) have demanded that we shouldn’t take in the white South African refugees — but at the same time they demand that Australia let in thousands of fake refugees (economic migrants posing as refugees) from the Third World.

Recently a video was posted on Facebook showing a group of Leftists in Melbourne being interviewed about taking in refugees — they all said that Australia should let them in; but then almost recoiled in horror, or otherwise backtracked, when asked if they would let in white South African refugees. One Leftist can be heard shouting “The more of them that are shot, the better!”

Yes, that’s right — the so-called “tolerant” Left openly advocate the murder of South African families. For those who aren’t aware of it by now, Leftists only preach tolerance and understanding for those who fit into their social-political agenda, whereas they are amongst the most intolerant, bigoted, prejudiced, and hate-filled people on earth when it comes to those who don’t fit into their 1984-style vision of a socialist utopia.

One anti-Green page has said of such Leftist bigots that “you don’t want white South African farmers to come to Australia because it’s “racist”, because you prefer people who have murdered white South Africans to come to Australia”. Let us repeat their own agenda in their own words: “The more of them that are shot, the better!”

For all their talk of not being “racist”, the majority (if not all) of Leftists, Greenies, and assorted Cultural Marxists are actually hate-filled racists who despise white civilisation and would rather see white people die than be allowed into Australia.

Maybe we could do a deal with South Africa — we could swap our Greenies for their farmers. It would be a win-win situation — we would get some hardworking compatible immigrants, whilst the Greenies would get to experience all the joys and benefits of living in a black-run utopia. It would be a great life lesson for all of the Leftist anti-white racists. What’s not to like about that?

In Ysterberg, in South Africa, farmers have been erecting white crosses on a hill in remembrance of their loved ones who died in farm attacks — it has become widely known as the White Crosses Monument. If the anti-white racists have their way, there will be thousands of more crosses planted on that hillside.

The embattled white South African farming families deserve our support. We should encourage them to migrate here as refugees, if they are willing to come. And we should condemn any and all politicians and Cultural Marxists who oppose their rescue.

Fight the real face of racism. Save the South African farmers.

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Picture from a Facebook page against Leftist bigotry

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