More attacks on Australia by anti-white Leftist politicians

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has started a new Cultural Marxist-inspired public campaign — to change the date of Australia Day. And he’s not even going to try and hide his Fabian methodology — whilst acknowledging that whilst a date change won’t happen just yet, “Australia Day will change within the decade”.

Meanwhile, on another front in the Culture War, Far Left part-Aboriginal Labor MP Linda Burney has advocated that Australia no longer celebrate the Queen’s Birthday, and that we replace the holiday with a national holiday to celebrate Australia’s Aboriginal heritage instead. Because apparently, half-caste Linda’s Aboriginal heritage just doesn’t receive enough public reverence or national recognition nowadays…

Of course, these developments are all part of the Leftist Culture War attack on Australia’s hated British heritage, institutions, and British origin people. The plan is simple — to demoralise white Australia, so that white Australia will be weak, isolated, and subservient to the never-ending demands of professional Aboriginal lobbyists like Burney and anti-white anti-Anglos like Di Natale. Destroying our national icons and entrenched public holidays is all part of the Australia-hating Leftist plan to rip us from our roots and to keep demoralising and disempowering white Australians.

It is an attempt to maintain, solidify and impose the new racial hierarchy favoured by toxic Cultural Marxism — with privileged Aborigines at the very top of the food chain, and a demoralised white majority effectively on our knees subservient, and with a grovelling government continuing to pay favour and bow to militant Aboriginal lobbyists.

And of course, every political victory the Leftists win, the more momentum they build, and the more it encourages them to go after more. And so the battle line simply gets pushed back further to the Left, and then the Left just attacks hard again, seeking to impose the next twisted Leftist goal.

The only way to stop the Left attacking our icons like Australia Day or our Sovereign’s Birthday is to stand fast. Fight hard. Protect what’s ours. Give no ground. Do not capitulate, don’t retreat. Don’t give an inch. Do not surrender. Not Australia Day. Not the Monarch’s Birthday. Stop Cultural Marxism from advancing — and expose its completely toxic anti-white agenda.

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  1. Peter Morris says

    I am British so I think the current Australia Day should be renamed to something like “British Settlement Day” which is what it originally was, and then a second different day could be chosen for celebration by everyone.

    • Jock Lewes says

      Peter, If you were Australian born of White Australian parents going back for four or more generations – as I am – and if you knew something of Australian history and culture during our formative century 1850-1950, and if you knew the patriotic poems of Henry Lawson, you’d understand that “settlement day” is an insult to generations of White Australians who built Australia, an egregious distortion of Australian history and a surrender – a surrender that is what the Cultural Marxists want to squeeze out of us.
      It’s Australia Day and and it stays Australia Day.

  2. I personally find it very hypocritical that Aboriginals (and part Irish ones like Linda Burney) need Aussie taxpayer money for housing/health/education yet continue to condemn us at every opportunity. If they want to live a traditional life on the vast swathes of land we gave given them and stop being reliant on Centrelink, public housing and receiving priority for jobs, then I will be happy to change Australia Day for them. Furthermore, do they have no opinion regarding Muslims (and terrorists) and the Asianisation of Australia? They continue to be stuck in a time warp from when the First Fleet arrived.

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