Patriots convicted for criticizing Islam

Yet another blow has been struck at the heart of democracy, with a Melbourne court convicting the “Bendigo Three” after they were charged with “knowingly engaging in conduct with the intention of inciting serious contempt for or revulsion of a class of people, namely Muslims”, under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

“Inciting serious contempt for or revulsion of a class of people” — what does that even mean?
Well, it can mean almost anything.
It can depends on the mindset of almost anyone: the accuser, the police, the politicians (who can wield influence over the police and the judiciary), and the judges (and whether or not they woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning, or if they are Leftists, or are “judicial activists” with a social-political agenda).

The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act is basically a Thought Crime law. It is a political law specifically designed to stop people criticizing Multiculturalism, Third World immigration, and related aspects thereof (including Islam).

Make no mistake, this law (which was supported by both the Left-wing Labor Party and the Right-wing Liberal Party) is an integral part of Multiculturalist fascism. Similar laws exist in other states.

Under these laws, any criticism of Muslim immigration (or of African, Asian, or other Third World immigration) could be legally construed as “inciting serious contempt for or revulsion of a class of people”.

If Donald Trump, the President of the USA, were to come to Melbourne and speak about his policy of stopping Muslim immigration, he could be arrested and charged.

Even a joke about Islam or Muslims (or about any religious or ethnic group) could be legally construed as “inciting serious contempt for or revulsion of a class of people”. Anyone who says “I don’t want Australia to become a Muslim country” could be arrested by the police — because the wording of the Multiculturalism law is so broad that it could cover almost any criticism of anything related to any ethnic, racial, or religious group. The creators of any of the many documentaries which have investigated the cult-like religion of Scientology could be arrested and charged under the so-called Racial and Religious Tolerance Act; in fact, even referring to a religion as “cult-like” can be a crime in the state of Victoria.

Even speaking the truth can be considered a crime. In the case of the “Two Dannys”, where two Asian Christian pastors in Melbourne were put on trial for criticising the religion of Islam, the judge noted that telling the truth may not be a defence. In that case, the two pastors quoted some of nasty verses of the Koran — and that was said to be “inciting serious contempt” for Islam.

Any Australians who think that they are living in a free society are kidding themselves. The Multiculturalists have already banned freedom of speech on matters which are critical of the state ideology of Multiculturalism. That should be no surprise, as Stalin banned criticism of the Communist ideology and Hitler banned criticism of the Nazi ideology. Like Communism and Nazism, Multiculturalism is a state-sponsored social-political ideology; the only difference is the scale of the authoritarianism which they have (so far) imposed.

Multiculturalism is a divisive social-political ideology, which creates huge social divisions with its attacks upon the national culture and its promotion of mass Third World immigration (bringing millions of Third Worlders into Australia). When the social divisions that Multiculturalism has created become so deep, and the opposition to Multiculturalism becomes so strident (and conceivably threatens the ruling Multiculturalist establishment), the only way that the Multiculturalists can control society is by enacting fascist-style laws against free speech and by oppressing dissent. Hence the rise of Multiculturalist fascism.

“Oh, but this is different!” cry the Multiculturalists. Sure, it’s different. When the Communists banned freedom of speech, that was different; then, when the Nazis banned freedom of speech, that was different too; and now, with the Multiculturalists banning freedom of speech, that’s different as well — there are many different varieties of authoritarians who want to ban opposing viewpoints, but they all hate freedom of speech and democracy.

If your society doesn’t have freedom of speech, then you don’t have a democracy. Everyone in a true democracy is able to publicly speak their opinion on any cultural, historical, political, or social issue — if you don’t have the right to do that, then you need to realise that you’re not living in a democratic society.

On the day of the trial of the Bendigo Three, it was good to see that a demonstration occurred outside of the courthouse, where dozens of Leftists (with their firm ideological commitment to democracy, free speech, and freedom of expression) demanded the right of freedom of speech for the Bendigo Three — ha, no, only kidding, the Leftists were there to support the banning of free speech, as they are some of the biggest hypocrites on the face of the Earth. However, the Leftists aren’t the only hypocrites; the Rightists also hate free speech, except that you usually don’t find them demonstrating on the street about it. Multiculturalists on both the Left and the Right are anti-Australians who are opposed to having a real democracy.

The Australian reported that the magistrate, John Hardy, “accepted prosecution submissions that in this case it was not necessary to prove that the video would incite such responses or that it did so, only that it was intended to incite contempt or revulsion”. This was indeed a Thought Crime.

Worst of all, the Bendigo Three weren’t even given a jury trial. Indeed, only about 5% of trials in Australia involve a jury. Trial by jury is a right denied to the accused in most instances (except in very serious cases, e.g. rape and murder). The Australian Protectionist Party is the only political party with a policy to increase the right to a trial by jury (a policy which has been in place since the founding of the party). Any convictions without the right to a jury trial is a miscarriage of justice.

The anti-democratic implications of the case of the Bendigo Three are staggering. Their convictions under the Multiculturalist-fascist law equate to a major loss of freedom of speech for all Australians. Various Multiculturalist laws cover the whole of Australia, both in federal law and under several state laws (some of the state laws are remarkably more oppressive than the federal law). No-one is free from the dark reach of Multiculturalism.

The age of Thought Crime is upon us.
It’s time for all loyal Australians to join the fight against Multiculturalist fascism.
Become a member of the Aussie resistance!

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