Chinese money in Australian politics

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The revelations in the media about Chinese money being used to influence people in the Labor Party would have come as no surprise to those in the know. Possibly the only surprise is that these matters actually became public.

Questions have been raised in the past about Chinese donations to both the Labor and Liberal parties.

The Chinese, with their low wages and low-valued currency, are dominating the imports scene in Australia, as well as in many other Western nations. The Chinese are rolling in money and are not shy about how they use it. There is an underlying culture of corruption in many Third World countries, and it is only logical that such a mindset should be applied to Australia from such sources.

In fact, this issue also raises the matter of corporate donations to political parties in general. Hundreds of millions of dollars in massive corporate donations have been given to the major political parties. This isn’t occurring because corporate boardrooms are ridiculously free with throwing money around in general. It doesn’t take much political savvy to realise that various corporations are seeking influence over the Liberal and Labor parties, especially when they are in government.

Individuals should be involved in politics, not corporations; the latter should be purely engaged in business affairs, and not become involved with political fundraising and/or political corruption. Individuals should be able to donate as much as they want, whilst corporations should be barred from the political process altogether; if any shareholders want to donate their personal money to a political party, there’s nothing stopping them.

If we are serious about stopping political corruption in this country, then we need to stop corporate donations and/or bribes.

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