Anzac Day furore is just another example of traitorous Multiculturalism

The recent furore over the anti-Anzac position taken by Yassmin Abdel-Magied has scraped away just a bit of the veneer which covers the true face of Multiculturalism.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a black African now permanently resident in Australia (lucky us), posted a message on Twitter regarding Anzac Day, which said

Lest We Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine…)

Her message was a obvious slight against Anzac Day, with the inference being something along the lines of “Forget Anzac Day, these Third World issues are far more important”.

It should be no surprise that someone who comes from a Third World background thinks that Third World issues are far more important than one of Australia’s most sacred commemorations. Nor should it be a surprise that Abdel-Magied is a committed Multiculturalist (she has been a member of the Australian Multicultural Council).

It was claimed that Yassmin Abdel-Magied wasn’t aware of the importance of Anzac Day. With her not being a real Australian, that could have been the case; except that it was then revealed that she had actually been appointed to the Federal ANZAC Centenary Commemoration Youth Working Group – so the whole “ignorance” excuse was a load of rubbish.

Around the same time of the Yassmin Abdel-Magied vs. Anzac Day issue came the news that anti-Australian vandals had spray-painted over an old Australian war memorial in Warrandyte (typical of the thoughtless behaviour of rabid socialist Multiculturalists). These “antis” thought it was a great idea to desecrate the memory of Australia’s war dead.

These two incidents share a common link, that of the anti-Australian ideology of Multiculturalism.

One of the realities of the ideology of Multiculturalism is that it teaches people to be disdainful of national cultures, or rather Western cultures in particular, whilst Third World cultures are celebrated and venerated. It seems that Multiculturalists love to engage in a bit of hypocrisy.

Multiculturalists, both directly and indirectly, preach hatred against the memory of our nation’s heroes and founding fathers. On the other hand, true Australians view the Anzacs and our founders as a source of pride.

True Australians should never forget that we are in an ideological struggle against the Multiculturalists; we are engaged in a Cultural War. Whilst the Multiculturalists have the power of the twisted anti-national Establishment upon their side, we have the power of the loyal Australian people on ours. Multiculturalists pass laws against us telling the truth, but we have the truth on our side, and we shall not hesitate to proclaim it.

We should welcome every opportunity to expose the nasty, hateful nature of the Multiculturalists. In the face of a creeping enemy, we need to awaken all Australians from their slumber, so that we may awaken their will to win.

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  1. Rebekah Bell says

    Can we do something about the number of so called legal migrants coming here to study then staying instead of going home with their skills to better there own country.
    And big multinational companies like Wilson Security that employ a number of African and mainly Indian students who get the best shifts with the penalties over those that are trying to survive.
    The Indians who take Citizenship then bring their parents over or their parents have wealth and migrate bringing them over then bring over their sick and invalid families that our health system has to provide for.
    When I myself have worked get treated like a criminal by Centrelink, have medical conditions and can’t get a job in WA Security despite 20 years in the job over a broad field inc. High security in defence and serving in East Timor.

    We have our national assets, ports, airports and defence infrastructure in the hands of foreigners because they can get a federal clearance quicker as the agencies don’t check on these people in their homelands as records are not kept or agencies to do so don’t exist.
    Proven whilst employed on Pilbara ports working with an Indian and an African who both got MSIC cards before me a clean skin white Australian with own place of residence some 10 years and 10 years plus prior again.

    I myself am disgusted with my own brother who married a so called clean Thai wife whose house has numerous mice from leaving food out and not covering or refrigerating it, that bring her daughter over 3 times a year to find a man to marry and tells her son to find a girl with permanent residency so he can become a citizen easily while avoiding Thai army service.
    Is studying cooking only goes to Tafe 1 day a week and it’s all too hard and usually doesn’t go, yet still passes.

    The Indians have taken over the courier industry, Security industry, and a lot of the stores logistic industries.
    Even the local KFC and Hungry Jacks seem to be franchised and run by Indians employing majority young Indian males and African females that can’t get orders right.
    Then there is the taxi industry now taken over by both Middle Easterners and Africans.

    As an occasional Crossdresser that is Trans and likes to go out dancing with straight girls I don’t feel safe in these taxi cabs as they are either rude or breathe heavily and brush their hands on your legs while driving, whilst changing gears or fidgeting for things in their consoles, ie phone gps connection.
    Why aren’t the taxi regulators enforcing that a taxi vehicle be fitted with an in dash GPS.
    Thank you for you time reading this
    I have put down my Trans name as this is the person I really am, I just live and work in a man’s body.

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