With friends like these, who needs enemies?

One of the most recent “multicultural success stories” to hit the news is that of Micquaella O’Shane (also known as Micquaella Pryce), a member of the Royal Australian Navy.

For Australia Day, this member of the military, supposedly a defender of our country, spat out a diatribe of anti-Australian venom on her Facebook social media account, saying:

“To be honest I’ve never given two f**ks about ANZAC Day or Remembrance Day. And I still don’t.
. . . I spit on the Australian flag and burn it (if I even owned the disgusting thing) and on ANZAC and Remembrance Day . . . Get over it, it was years ago.”

This kind of anti-Australian vitriol should be of no surprise to us, as it is the logical consequence of the anti-patriotic and anti-Western propaganda continuously peddled by the education authorities, by the mainstream media, and even by our own state and federal governments.

Perhaps it is not really her fault for being so anti-Australian; maybe it’s how she has been brought up. Micquaella O’Shane, being part-Aborigine, has been taught to hate the Australian nation, with the constant diatribes in schools about “stolen generations”, “land rights”, “bad white people”, etc, etc., with many anti-Australian Aboriginal publications and organisations being funded by the nation-termites and so-called “do-gooders” in our own governments (compounded by massive amounts of government-funded anti-Australian multiculturalist propaganda being produced).

The only real surprise in this whole matter is that there are not as many mad multiculturalists being churned out by the brainwashing education system as might be expected.

The anti-national nature of the ideology of political multiculturalism is there for all to see; it is the immature indulgence of a decaying and decadent ruling class, a product of the anti-national and self-hating political “elite”.

Unless we want to produce yet another generation loaded with anti-Australian nation-termites, it is high time that we put an end to the anti-patriotic propaganda that passes for “social education” in our schools; it’s time for us to look after and protect the future of Australia.

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[Screenshot of the original Facebook post by Micquaella O’Shane]

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