Trump ushers in a new era

The election of Donald Trump ushers in a new era for world politics. It ends eight years of rule in the USA by a political crowd who believe strongly in political correctness and national suicide.

It is to be hoped that the cultural and social tone set by the Trump administration will wind back a lot of the PC madness that has pervaded the US, and spread to the rest of the world.

It is to be expected that the mainstream media will be heavily biased against Trump during his presidential reign, as they were indeed biased against him during the election campaign. So we should expect a lot of anti-Trump propaganda during the next few years.

If Trump stays true to his promise, and ends Muslim immigration, as well as building a proper wall on the border with Mexico to keep out the masses of illegal immigrants, then that can only be good for the American people. Once other countries see how easy it is to protect your borders, and protect your people, they will have more motivation to copy Trump’s example.

Naturally, the media will conduct propaganda campaigns against Trump; no doubt they will run sob stories about poor Muslim refugees or Mexicans who want to go to America; we can expect stories about some Third Worlder who wants to get his sick grandmother or young child into an American hospital, or whatever other tear-jerker tales the cynical media will run, in order to further the anti-Western agenda of always increasing Third World immigration into countries that are predominantly ethnically-European.

The anti-Western mainstream media will, of course, continuously attack Donald Trump, and they will be backed up by the crazy supporters of Multiculturalism. We have already seen these people demonstrate their commitment to “peace, love, and tolerance” by their rioting in the streets after Trump’s election, smashing windows, burning cars, and bashing Trump supporters.

Madonna, giving a typical example of the respect for democracy held by the madcap Multiculturalists, recently said “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”.

These leftist ratbags falsely accuse others of violence and fascism; but, in fact, they are the most violent and fascistic of them all (some recommended reading in regards to this subject is “Liberal Fascism”, by Jonah Goldberg and “The Lost Literature of Socialism” by George Watson).

We remain hopeful about the possibilities of a Trump administration; whilst it might not exactly match our own politics, there are elements that are pro-Western and that should be applauded if implemented. At the very least, the Trump government appears to be a step in the right direction. However, we should not be naïve about politics and politicians, because sometimes not everyone is who you believe they are, and sometimes things happen to derail or dislodge political intentions; but we can hope for the best.

There are interesting times ahead.

Madonna Women’s March Speech “Blowing Up The White House” on Washington Protest Trump full speech [see 4.27 min.]

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