Anzac Day 2016

I Remember Those Who Served and Those Who Still DoOn this hallowed day we commemorate the lives of those Australians who fought and died on behalf of their people.

They died so that we may live.
They fought so that we may have peace.
They gave their lives so that our nation may survive.

Anzac Day, Lest We Forget

Once again with joy and pride
We honor Anzac’s name,
Memories of all those who died,
Our heritage of fame.

They march with us as years go by,
Our cobbers over there;
With head erect and shoulders high,
Old Diggers breathe a prayer.

By jungle trails and swamps they sleep,
Our husband, brother, son,
And some beneath the mighty deep,
Their duty nobly done.

And as each Anzac Day draws near,
We’ll welcome them with pride,
Those Anzac sons who still are here,
March with us . . . side by side.

G. F. Spreadbury (1945)

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